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6 Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

By Claudine Aherne December 06, 2022 Health and Fitness

Are you looking for interesting gift ideas? Are your friends or family keen on exercising or hoping to get fitter? Would you like to buy them gifts they will use again and again?

Below is a selection of gift ideas perfect for people who want to stay active, improve their balance and have more energy every day.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you buy gifts for your family and friends – and why not put them on your own list?

Exercise Bands

Exercise bands (also known as resistance bands) are the first piece of equipment I recommend to our studio members.

We use them in many of our online exercise videos – they’re especially good for muscle-strengthening exercises.

Bands don’t cost much, don’t take up much space, and are light. This means they’re easy to move around the house or take with you when travelling.

If you can, buy a pack with 2 or 3 different strength bands. People find that, for some exercises, they need a lighter band. For others, they can challenge themselves with a stronger one.

If you already have bands, check them regularly for damage. If you see any tears or holes – however small – please replace your band immediately.

Hand Weights

Variety and challenge are crucial elements of any exercise programme. Having more equipment opens up new exercises and further opportunities to progress.

Hand weights (or dumbbells) are great if you want to get stronger, improve your posture or maintain your bone density.

Hand weights are easily put away in a cupboard or behind a sofa. They’re a little more expensive than bands (and much harder to pop in a suitcase!), but we recommend them for anyone looking to feel stronger and stay active.

When buying weights (whether for yourself or as a gift), we suggest getting ones which are comfortable to hold and have a non-slip coating. Also, look for weights with hexagonal ends, as these don’t roll when you put them down.

If someone already has weights, ask if they would like a heavier set, so they have more options to progress and add challenge to their exercise routine.

Tick Tock! A Countdown Timer

This probably isn’t what you were expecting on a list of fitness-inspired gifts, but stick with me here…

A small countdown timer is great for establishing daily habits.

Longer, ‘formal’ exercise sessions are great, but there’s so much to be gained from moving more, more often. Little bouts of movement during the day all add up to better health and fitness.

We often suggest that our members do 1-minute bouts of exercises like chair squats, heel raises or balance training.

You can buy small digital timers or novelty ones like tomatoes, cows or penguins!

They are inexpensive and can be a helpful tool for people trying to fit more movement into their day.

Hand Grip Strengtheners

Have you seen these before? They’re small hand-held grips, spring-loaded, and you squeeze them with your hand.

As we age, we can lose significant amounts of strength in our hands, wrists and forearms, and using one of these grippers can help.

You can buy hand grip strengtheners in various resistances. I’d suggest buying a lighter one (some of the ‘heavy’ ones are tough!). Look for a non-slip material if you can.


Exercise mats can be an excellent gift for people keen to maintain their fitness.

However, they’re not just for floor exercises.

Having an exercise mat means you have a space dedicated to exercise. If you’re doing standing exercises, it can be safer and more comfortable on a non-slip mat.

If you’re using the mat on a carpeted surface, you can get a thin one.

But a thicker one will be more comfortable if you have hard floors.

If you, or someone you know, finds it difficult to get down to and back up from the floor, this article and video we published on Sixty and Me may help you.

Most mats can be easily rolled up and stored behind a chair or in a cupboard. You can buy plain mats, but you can also get brightly coloured or patterned mats which can add a bit of atmosphere and energy to your exercise zone.

Membership or Class Pass   

Perhaps your friends have all the kit but would like professional help or motivation with their fitness programme.

Could you get them vouchers or a pass to a gym or class studio near their home? If they prefer to exercise at home, how about buying them an online membership?

There are many options online, but make sure you choose one with specialist instructors available to answer questions and provide support and guidance.

The Vida Wellness Studio is an online exercise studio for people who want to improve their balance, feel stronger and move more easily. Members enjoy a library of clear, easy-to-follow exercise videos, professional advice, support, and encouragement from fellow members.

Here’s a short Feel Stronger taster video from the Vida Wellness Studio for you:

I hope we’ve given you some interesting ideas for gifts. I hope you’ll even treat yourself to reward your fitness efforts and make it easier to achieve your goals.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Are you buying gifts for fitness enthusiasts? Which of these ideas do you think will work for them? Do you have other suggestions?

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Great suggestions! Thank you

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Over the last 16 years, Claudine has helped hundreds of people to improve their balance, feel stronger and move more easily. That's why her in-person classes and online programmes have been featured globally, including on BBC Radio 4. Members of her online exercise studio enjoy an extensive library of easy-to-follow videos, as well as advice and support. Try some taster videos from the Vida Wellness Studio.

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