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Forget the Anti-Aging BS! Makeup for Women Over 50 is About Looking and Feeling Your Best! (Video)

By Sixty and Me October 11, 2018 Makeup and Fashion

For many women over 50, makeup is either an attempt to look younger or something to be ignored altogether. Just think of the many advertisements targeting women with promises to “restore younger looking skin,” “fight the signs of aging,” and so on.

This kind of nonsense causes many women to just not bother. Wasted money spent on products that don’t make you look good, feel good, or that even magnifies those features you wish to minimize cause many simply give up on cosmetics for good.

It needn’t be that way. In fact, the subject of beauty and makeup for women over 50 can and should be something to make you feel your best, look your best and enjoy. Done right, it can be downright empowering.

To find out how, take a look at our video with Ariane Poole, a makeup artist with over 40 years experience and her own line of makeup for women of any age. Her tips and advice will make you think about makeup in a whole new way.

Makeup Through the Ages

Our 20s are a time of great makeup experimentation. Bright blue eyeshadow, glittery lipstick and the like were fun things to try and helped you to define your own makeup personality.

You had plenty of time to spend on yourself, but that changes during the career-building years of your 30s and 40s. That stage of life necessitates a faster, well-rehearsed makeup routine that gets you out the door quickly.

In your 50s and 60s, you regain some time to focus on yourself, but are dealing with new physical and psychological challenges including menopause and noticeable changes in your skin. Suddenly, everything you thought you knew about using makeup doesn’t quite work anymore.

So, it’s great that today’s guest, Ariane, has some sage advice on using and enjoying makeup after 50. First, she suggests that you ignore the inclination to use more makeup and to cover up more. Instead, think less is more and opt for lighter weight products. It’s about enhancing, not masking.

Choose colors that suit your skin tone, which may be different from when you were 25. And who said you can’t have fun with makeup after 50? Go ahead and experiment! Try new colors, new products, see what looks and feels good to you.

Mature Women Who Get it Right

Open a magazine or look at any form of entertainment media and you’ll see plenty of older women celebrities who are among the most beautiful in Hollywood. Jane Seymour, Goldie Hawn, Helen Mirren – they don’t really look younger than they are, but their makeup makes them seem vibrant, confident and alluring.

Instead of trying to hide their wrinkles or cover up any perceived flaws, they keep their makeup light and know what works for them as individuals. Helen Mirren refuses to use the term “anti-aging” and has referred to herself not as a fashionista, but as a “makeupista.”

When it Comes to Applying Your Makeup After 50, If it Makes You Feel Better, Do it!

The psychological effects of makeup can be striking. For example, if you’re feeling tired, the right makeup can make you feel less so, and as a consequence you actually begin to feel less tired. And while we’re all individuals and some of just don’t like to use cosmetics, you’re likely to find what a great many others describe as an increased self-confidence and vitality associated with it.

So go ahead and experiment. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color. Look for lightweight products, use your favorite mascara, embrace that red lipstick, and see how you feel.

Makeup for mature women is and should be easy, liberating and playful. It’s a vehicle for self-expression, personal empowerment, enjoyment, feeling confident, and for making whom you are shine.

Do you agree that applying makeup after 50 should be about looking your best and not looking younger? What makeup tips would you like to share with the women in our community? Let’s have a chat!

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