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Gentle Yoga for Seniors: Warm Up and Reconnect with Your Body (37-Minute Practice)

By Sixty and Me September 06, 2019 Health and Fitness

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re an older woman who hasn’t surrendered to the notion that life after 60 means an inevitable decline in your flexibility and strength.

And at Sixty and Me, neither do we! That’s why we teamed up again with our go-to yoga instructor, Cat Kabira, to create a series of videos for those of you want to give yoga a continuing place in your fitness routines.

If you’ve achieved the “… wow, it’s a change! I’m more flexible now. I’ve gotten a little bit more… a little stronger” stage that Cat promised in our Gentle Yoga Introduction, we applaud you for sticking with it!

But when you’re ready for a slightly greater challenge? Our latest effort, called Gentle Yoga Flows series, is designed to provide it. It all starts with this 37-minute session, so read on to see what awaits!

Gentle Yoga for Seniors vs. Gentle Yoga Flows: More Alike than Different

Many of the asanas (poses) from our Gentle Yoga for Seniors videos return for encores in Gentle Yoga Flows. Props, including blocks, a strap and cushion, towel or blanket also reappear. In this first flow video, even a chair has its place!

Both series’ workouts begin and end the same way. You prepare for asana with deep, body- and awareness expanding breathing. When it’s over, you shut out the world briefly to focus on the physical changes you’re feeling (shavasana). So what separates the two practices?  

Pace!  In our Yoga for Seniors videos, Cat gave you time to rest between poses. In this series, she strings the poses together like a chain of yoga prayer beads! The Practice 1 video serves as your slower-paced introduction for the challenges of Practices 2, 3 and 4.

Practice 1: Gentle Yoga Flows and Warming Up for What’s to Come

In this workout, you’ll move through 18 poses or movements in about 28 minutes. Cat’s designed it to include everything from your neck to your feet, with a tip-to, balance-building exercise thrown in for good measure!

You’ll work your way through a great mix of standing, sitting and lying-down poses. And with her trademark thoroughness, Cat offers many of them with different degrees of difficulty.

 Combine that with being able to use your props as needed, and you’ll never repeat the same workout twice!

Take as much time as you need to become comfortable with the effort required in Practice 1. Move on to the next practice only when your body says it’s ready to step things up even more.

After all, for those of us over 60, it’s always nice to linger a little over each new experience before rushing on to the next. So why should you yoga flow journey be any different?

As Cat puts it, the whole point of these videos is “… for you to feel more empowered in your yoga practice and connect even more deeply inside… to feel your body in a much more holistic and open way.”

Just savor the gifts each flow workout brings — and be confident that more on are on the way!

What made you decide you were ready for our Gentle Yoga Flows Series? If you’ve tried yoga flows before, what was your experience? What advice can you give to newcomers? Please share your insights in our conversation!

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