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Gift Giving Can be Fun! What is the Wackiest Gift You Ever Received?

By Margaret Manning December 22, 2014 Family

The tradition of gift giving is an important part of the holidays and some people take it very seriously. Grandchildren produce long and detailed fantasy lists with items that they know are pushing every possible button. Where exactly can one buy teleportation machines these days? Unless you start planning in July, you might be waiting in long lines for those in demand gifts.

Most older women say they don’t want anything for Christmas – and it’s true there may be nothing that we really “need.”

However, there is a beauty in receiving a creative gift that someone has chosen based on our deepest passions and interests. When someone taps into the part of us that is hidden inside, we can’t help but burst out laughing (or crying!) It’s wonderful when someone chooses an unusual gift that says without words “I know this is something that will make you happy.”

Sometimes these wacky gifts map so precisely to our subconscious that they teach us something new about ourselves. This has happened more than a few times in my life. I’m not sure why, but, some of the strangest gifts that I have received are also the ones that I treasure the most.

What is the most creative or funky gift that someone has ever given to you? Did it capture your personality in the way that I described? What is the craziest gift that you have ever given to someone else? What was their response? Please add your comments below.

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