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Going to the Gym After 60 – Cheer or Chore?

Whenever someone asks me what they can do to get more from life after 60, I have a simple answer – exercise. On some level, we all know that getting in shape is essential to every aspect of our lives.

When we exercise, we feel better about ourselves and we have more energy to get out and explore the world. As we build our bodies, we also build our confidence and are more likely to introduce ourselves to others, make friends and even find love.

So, if we all know that exercise is good for us, why are so many of us out of shape? As I’ve written about before, part of the problem is that some of us just hate organized fitness. For these people, taking a dance class, running around the neighborhood or practicing gentle yoga is probably a better option. I personally started yoga a few months ago and the results have been fantastic!

On the other hand, if you don’t mind working out around other people, going to the gym can be a great option. Beyond the facilities, going to the gym can motivate you to reach your potential. In addition, it provides the opportunity meet like-minded people.

I’d love to get your perspective on this. Are you the kind of person who loves going to the gym? Or, do you prefer to work out by yourself?

Please take a few seconds to vote and then join the conversation in the comments section at the end of this article.

What is your favorite physical activity? Do you have a particular sport that you enjoy? If you go to the gym, what activities do you enjoy there? Please join the discussion.

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Yani Javir

I love to go to the gym. I am 62 years old. A lot of senior citizens in Manila, Philippines do the Zumba. But since I do not know how to dance, I prefer the gym.

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