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5 Best GPS Medical Alert Bracelets

By Jessica Thomas July 03, 2021 Aging

How does that saying go? I’ll be there to catch you when you fall? Well, that’s not always the case. When you’re getting along into older adult territory, the chances of falling and hurting yourself only get bigger. Getting older isn’t bad. It’s actually quite fun and fulfilling. Ask the experts! But the chances of falling and getting hurt can grow exponentially, especially if you’re out and about. This is why GPS medical alert bracelets can be something to turn to for when you’re out on your own traveling, or maybe just even going for a walk in the neighborhood. These GPS medical alert bracelets can pinpoint your exact location and get you the assistance you need in record time. Something like this could possibly prevent you from suffering even worse injuries. 

Consider a GPS Medical Alert Bracelet 

If you or a loved one has already suffered from a fall or two, you should definitely look into getting a GPS medical alert bracelet. Trust me, they come in handy when you need them most. Those who have them and experienced a fall can’t imagine what would have happened if they hadn’t had the bracelet on hand when it happened. Your health matters! 

In addition, you don’t want just any old GPS medical bracelet either. Here are our five best GPS medical alert bracelets so you can be active without worrying about being stranded in case of a fall. 

#1 Freedom Guardian by Medical Guardian

When some folks are looking for a GPS Medical Bracelet, they look right to Freedom Guardian by Medical Guardian. Medical Guardian is regarded as one of the top medical alert companies in the United States, but this imitation smartwatch is perfect for on-the-go. The Freedom Guardian comes with a sleek wearable design and looks exactly like a smartwatch, so you can look hip while you’re on the go. 

Some of the key features for the Freedom Guardian include advanced location tracking so you’re never out of reach in case of injury, as well as medication, appointment, and event reminders! There is also an immensely useful feature that reads your SMS text messages out loud to you, so you never have to leave the momentum of a good stroll or bike ride to read a text!

#2 SOS Smartwatch by Bay Alarm Medical 

Save our ship, but in this case, save you from that nasty tumble you suffered while out and about the other day. Bay Alarm Medical offers a handy GPS button you can press in case of an emergency, but that’s not all. They also offer the SOS Smartwatch, which is easy to use and lets you stay in touch with the trends thanks to its oh-so-cool design. There is an SOS button on the left side of the screen that you press down and instantly puts you in contact with an agent to get you the right help. Precise GPS gives your location in no time. The step-tracker, goal setting option, and extended battery life are just the cherry on top!

#3 Lively Wearable2

Are you on the hunt for something sleek and wearable that doesn’t look like you have a whole computer hanging around your wrist when it comes to medical alerts? Well, look no further because the Lively Wearable2 is another excellent GPS medical alert bracelet. This bracelet is discreet but equipped with a long-lasting battery, step tracker, daily health tips, and urgent response so you can get connected immediately with an agent. You don’t have to worry about falling while outside of your home. With the Wearable2 by Lively, you’ll be more than ready for whatever the day throws at you.

#4 On the Go + Button by Medical Alert

Like the name suggestions, this button by Medical Alert is meant for the active person. You know the one, the one who can’t say no to a hike or spends a lot of time in their backyard fixing every little thing to make sure everything is just right. Yeah, that active person. The On the Go + Button by Medical Alert is meant to be worn around the wrist or necklace. With a GPS locator, 5-day battery life, and discreet design for the rest, this GPS medical alert bracelet can be your little companion. You can use it while you take your daily walk or planting your favorite flowers in your backyard. 

#5 Sidekick Smart by LifeStation

It really is your new sidekick. This small little gadget comes in a sleek smartwatch wearable design so you can be on the go and reassured that help in case of a fall or emergency is just a press away. The Sidekick Smart by LifeStation doesn’t just call for emergency help. In fact, it also helps track your steps, monitors your heart rate, and is completely and totally water-resistant. Gone are the days of being unsure and questioning what would happen if you were to fall while on a walk or hike alone because devices like the Sidekick Smart are there to swoop in and get you the help you need. 

The 5 Best GPS Medical Alert Bracelets Revealed

The gadgets mentioned above are some of the best GPS medical bracelets in the market right now. They are sleek, small, and discreet so that you won’t feel self-conscious, but you can be reassured you have your companion with you everywhere you go. As we get older, we are prone to more falls and injuries. There’s just really nothing we can do about it. However, having one of the best GPS medical bracelets can definitely give you and your loved ones a little peace of mind while you are out and about living life and going about your daily routine. 

Continue Doing What You Love With Your Techy Companion

Getting older and entering senior territory shouldn’t mean you give up on your daily life. There’s too much to do still. We understand how it can be a bit daunting figuring out how to navigate your daily life. In our golden years, we have to be more conscious about being alone and be aware that sustaining an injury from a fall or something similar can be detrimental. 

Luckily, technology is on our side! GPS medical alert systems continue to develop and progress with the addition of new gadgets as time goes on. This way, we can go about our daily lives without breaking a sweat or worrying about what can happen after an injury. So if you are looking for one of the best GPS medical alert bracelets, you’ve found them here. 

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