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How to Incorporate Healing Crystals into Your Self-Care Routine

By Xenia Mateiu November 07, 2022 Lifestyle

Healing crystals and gemstones have risen in popularity just like being aware of our needs and investing time and energy in self-care has. Crystals are believed to have healing properties and energies that can enhance our lives and serve purposes such as relieving anxiety, improving focus, and sharpening intuition.

You might have seen teenagers wearing crystal pendants a lot lately, but do not fret; you are not too old for these healing stones. So, if you wish to know how crystals can be incorporated into your self-care routine and your daily dose of self-love, you are welcome to keep reading this article.

Use Crystals to Get Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is extremely important for your well-being. You are less likely to feel irritable, sad or depressed, and clumsy when you manage to rest and sleep well. But at the same time, older adults are more likely to struggle with sleeping well due to insomnia or other health conditions that make it hard to have a deep sleep.

So, if you are open to using crystals to sleep better, you can place a small crystal under your pillow before bed. Or, if it’s more comfortable, you can have a larger crystal, such as a crystal tower or geode, placed near your bed.

The idea is to leave the crystal to infuse your aura while sleeping and shield your energy from interfering vibes. I recommend you use the following crystals because they have relaxing energies that will help you release tension in the body and mind and ward off nightmares:

  • Amethyst – is known as a natural tranquilizer.
  • White Chalcedony – also referred to as the “Stone of Harmony.”
  • Jasper – you can use Red, Maligano, Leopardskin, or Dalmatian Jaspers.
  • Raw Magnesite – soothes an overactive mind and promotes deep sleep.

Crystal Face Rollers for Glowing Skin

Yes, that’s right. You can use face rollers made out of crystals to massage your skin. Face rollers have beneficial effects, such as reducing puffiness and inflammation and improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

They can also help you distribute your skin care products evenly, in case you use any. Your skin will look brighter, and you might notice that this face massage improves your mood.

Using face rollers made of crystals might enhance your self-care experience even further. You can choose what crystal wands to use based on your energy affinity, or you can choose based on what you wish to add to this skincare routine. For example:

  • Clear Quartz face rollers are great for rejuvenation, purifying negative energy, and melting away tension in muscles.
  • Rhodonite face rollers are great if you need some emotional healing and help to deal with negative emotions and states of mind.
  • Rose Quartz face rollers carry loving and kind energies that will nurture your aura and promote self-compassion.
  • Green Jade face rollers deal with energy blockages and stimulate the facial nerve endings.

Live in the Present Moment with Crystal Palm Stones

Remembering to focus on the present moment can contribute tremendously to your overall well-being, and you can incorporate practicing mindfulness into your daily self-care routine. This might help when you get overwhelmed by a long to-do list, and your mind fills with thoughts about the future, or when you get lost in memories that no longer serve you.

Remain grounded and enjoy life as it is right now by keeping your attention on what your senses can perceive. You can sit still with a palm stone in your hands for five or more minutes daily.

Sit comfortably (not necessarily in a lotus pose) and focus on how the crystal palm stone feels; observe its weight, temperature, and texture. Notice where your mind wanders when your attention drifts away and do that without self-judgment.

The following palm stones will support your focus and energy and will encourage you to enjoy the present moment:

  • Polychrome Jasper palm stones will help you stay grounded during meditation or other mindfulness practices.
  • Selenite palm stones are great for clearing your worries away and keeping the mind calm.
  • Silk Agate palm stones can help your mind stay in the present moment due to their ability to clear brain fog and improve focus and concentration.
  • Tremolite palm stones open the heart and encourage enjoying life while also attracting harmony and inner strength.

Use Crystals for Journaling

If writing in a journal is part of your self-care habits, then you might want to know how crystals can help you with this. Journaling can be a great way of expressing yourself and putting into words things you can’t say to other people. It can have therapeutic benefits, and crystals can help you with their energies that promote self-discovery, authenticity, communication, and creativity.

If you like to write in a physical journal, you can hold a small crystal in your non-dominant hand while you write down your thoughts. Or leave the stone on top of the pages you’ll use for a few minutes. Your aura will get imbued with the crystal’s healing vibes.

In case you keep a journal on your laptop or computer, you can still benefit from having a crystal on your desk while writing. Angelite or Blue Lace Agate can be used for improving self-expression and keeping your mind clear.

Crystals such as Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli are excellent for journaling about past traumatic experiences as they have protective and emotional healing energies.

The positive vibes coming from Citrine, Rose Quartz, and Sunstone can elevate your mood while writing in a gratitude journal. No matter your journaling habits and needs, you can get creative and follow your intuition to incorporate crystals into your self-care writing routine.

Wear Healing Crystal Jewelry

An effortless way of incorporating crystals into your life and self-care routine is wearing them close to your body as jewelry pieces. You can find many rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants made with crystals nowadays. You can choose whatever suits your tastes and style and wear them for a couple of hours or a day to infuse your energy field with their healing vibes.

An Amazonite pendant might be an excellent choice for a first date, as it helps keep firm personal boundaries. Or you might want a more seductive fiery crystal for this occasion, such as a rose quartz or a red jasper bracelet.

If you spend time with your kids and grandkids, you can choose a protective pendant to share its energy with those surrounding you. Try wearing a Shungite pendant for protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation or an aquamarine pendant that is great for any social situation, especially for empaths.

Choose the crystal jewelry right for you and enjoy its gentle, supportive energy during the day. Just check if your crystals can take prolonged exposure to sun or humidity, depending on the season and context you’ll wear them.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Have you tried wearing crystals for better sleep? What crystal or gemstone has helped you? What about journaling stones? Do you think you might experiment with gemstones and crystals for self-care?

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I love crystals. Some I am drawn to and others I seek out when I need help with something. I give crystals to friends and family when they are coping with a difficulty or just hoping for better things ahead. Most crystals are not expensive. As I explain to my sons when I give them a crystal that I think would benefit them is some way, I always say, “It can’t hurt to have it in your home, but it just might help. I think sometimes we need to believe and that in itself can put us in a better frame of mind.


It a scientific fact that crystals and gemstones all have different energy levels or vibrations. By holding a charged crystal in the left hand these subtle energies can be felt by anyone that is the slightest bit sensitive. This is the same energy that runs a quartz watch. Great article.
Smokey quartz and black tourmaline are two of my favorites.


I have for a long time been drawn to crystals for their beauty and how they feel in your hand. I was not educated in their healing abilities. During a stressful time my daughter and I stopped in a shop in Manhattan and the owner ask if he could read me. At the end he handed me a tigers eye stone and said “keep it on you at all times”. This started my curiosity in the powers of stones and crystals. I still need to learn more about them yet when I see a stone that I’m drawn to I purchase it. My home is filled with them and each called to me for a reason.


Gem stones are lovely and decorative. However, I could never believe they possess any mystical powers. This article appears to superficial in an effort to sell a product. The justification is full of superstitious beliefs.

Janice MacGowan

I absolutely agree with you Bethany.


i used to go to a therapist who did Reiki also. She believed in crystals and did sell the too. there was never any pressure to buy them. so for some people they are not superstitious or fake.

Maria Warsoldier

Crystals in fact do have healing vibrations. What do you think runs watches, ultrasound Wands, computers etc? Quartz crystals! They work on a vibrational frequency to create positive energy/effects! The only problem is scientists have not figured out a term to call this healing energy on humans yet!

Last edited 1 year ago by Maria Warsoldier
Donna Minkel

I have recently gone back to “Counseling” to understand past traumas. I have a Daily Devotional, I’m journaling and I’m opened to new energies that will bring peace, tranquility and my true authentic self forward. Crystals are a fascinating new discovery for me. I will be purchasing a few based on my needs in the present. Thank you for your article that is educational and not scary! ☮️🔮

The Author

Xenia Mateiu founded Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad, California, a welcoming gift shop specializing in crystals, gems, and geodes. She is passionate about these magical gems and the many ways they can enrich physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Xenia wishes to make crystals more accessible to anyone interested in them.

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