Xenia Mateiu founded Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad, California, a welcoming gift shop specializing in crystals, gems, and geodes. She is passionate about these magical gems and the many ways they can enrich physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Xenia wishes to make crystals more accessible to anyone interested in them.

Latest Posts By Xenia Mateiu

2 months ago

Crystals and Gemstones for Love and Seduction

Whether you are waiting for Valentine’s Day to celebrate love or you are a passionate person all year round, let’s have a conversation about love, passion, and seduction and the fascinating gemstones and crystals that can spice up your romantic life…

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3 months ago

How to Invite Nature Indoors for Better Mental Health

Spending time outdoors in a park, gardening, enjoying a picnic, or forest bathing improves our moods and mental health. But when we can’t go outdoors and connect to nature to feel better, especially now in the winter, we can try to bring…

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4 months ago

How to Incorporate Healing Crystals into Your Self-Care Routine

Healing crystals and gemstones have risen in popularity just like being aware of our needs and investing time and energy in self-care has. Crystals are believed to have healing properties and energies that can enhance our lives and serve purposes…

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5 months ago

How to Meditate with Crystals and Gemstones

When your life gets hectic, and you find yourself agitated and overstressed, it’s time to take some time with yourself and slow down the pace. An excellent way to do that and reconnect with your mind and body is through meditation…

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