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Crystals That Can Help You Reconnect to Yourself

By Xenia Mateiu May 20, 2023 Mindset

Sometimes we find ourselves completely overwhelmed by busy schedules and monotonous routines. We tend to overwork ourselves, spend less time thinking about what we feel and who we are, and have less time for relaxation. 

We need to slow down and practice living in the present moment; we need to look in the mirror and learn to reconnect and re-discover ourselves to find contentment. Fortunately, crystals can help us in our personal journey toward emotional stability and authenticity, and their supportive and gentle energies can bring us back to knowing ourselves.

Whether you incorporate them into your meditation sessions, use them for journaling, or keep them close to your body and infuse your aura, you can explore the following crystals to connect to your higher authentic self.


This pretty purple healing crystal carries serene vibrations perfect for relieving tension and stress and creating the mood for self-introspection. Amethyst is said to strengthen the bridge between the mind and the spirit and can also serve as a getaway to our subconscious mind, helping us access our higher self.

Amethyst will help you tap into your intuitive side and follow it instead of overanalyzing and rationalizing all your thoughts and emotions. It’s a stone that will help you better understand your life experiences and feelings, supporting your mental well-being in the long run.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the crystal you need to connect to yourself in a kind, compassionate and non-judgmental way. It’s important to learn to deconstruct your ideas of who you “must” be and to embrace yourself unconditionally. 

This nurturer crystal will support your self-discovery journey by teaching you how to be compassionate and understand your circumstances, flaws, and vulnerabilities. It also opens your heart to love of all kinds: self-love, love for your hobbies and small things in daily life, and receiving love from others.

Rose quartz can bring healing energy into your life and improve how you look at yourself and your life. And it is known that a positive and peaceful perspective on oneself and one’s experiences can lead to emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Lapis Lazuli

This gorgeous deep blue crystal stimulates your desire for self-knowledge and exploring your inner truth. Lapis lazuli, besides being supportive in reconnecting to your authentic self, also serves those who wish to explore their spirituality and find their path.

And just like amethyst, lapis lazuli sharpens one’s intuition and helps one dive deeper into meditation and self-reflection. It is said to improve self-awareness and self-expression, both necessary for living authentically, being true to yourself, and adapting to change.

You can harness this crystal’s power to understand yourself better and gain the wisdom you need to define your identity.

Black Tourmaline

A great protective crystal, black tourmaline absorbs harmful energies from your environment and creates a protective shield for your aura. It’s a crystal with powerful grounding properties that stabilize your emotions and mind. 

Black tourmaline is a crystal with a deep connection to mother earth, and it can promote a sense of security and connectedness to nature. And while we are seeking to connect to ourselves, we must learn to connect to nature as we are a part of it. 

So take a black tourmaline stone in your pocket and go for a walk in a quiet place. Immerse yourself in nature, enjoy forest bathing, or simply have a nice peaceful picnic to relax and connect your energy to the Earth and yourself.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye has the right energy to give you courage and confidence in your pursuit of finding yourself. It is a crystal that will gently push you to start the necessary transformations in your life and discover what you desire and how you wish to live. 

So if your job is killing your creativity and motivation, making life seem vapid, a Tiger’s eye crystal will dissipate the fears and insecurities that keep you from changing your occupation and pursuing your passion.

Get to know your needs and enhance your willpower with the help of Tiger’s eye crystal to discover your true self and choose the environment that allows you to flourish.


Another crystal that promotes self-acceptance while enhancing intuition is sodalite. It is important to mention that this crystal also strengthens self-trust, essential for reconnecting to yourself. Sodalite can teach you to trust your emotions and senses and not to minimalize their existence; they tell you something important about yourself.

Give credit to your intuition and trust it in decision-making processes. Sodalite’s energy will support you in balancing the way you listen to your intuition and rational thinking, as you need to listen to both while searching for your true self.

Smoky Quartz 

Smoky quartz has the power to reconnect you to nature and the spiritual realm. So if spirituality is an important part of your self-discovery journey and overall well-being, smoky quartz will guide you and help you find harmony.

This crystal can also help you feel grounded, heal your emotional wounds, and dispel fear and anxiety. Enjoy its serene energy and learn how to let go of trauma and behaviors that no longer serve your true self in the present moment. 

Smoky quartz can be a helpful tool for transformation and rediscovery as it can transmute negative energy into positive vibrations and provide the protection you need in times of change.


If you are looking for more crystal options to improve your intuition and connection to your higher self, then a labradorite crystal must be on your list. It can assist you in finding purpose and sharpening your inner awareness.

A great crystal for contemplation and introspection, labradorite gives you a clear, calm mind and an understanding of inner struggles. You can carry a labradorite crystal when you feel your mind wandering too much and need clear thinking. 

You can also meditate with a labradorite palm stone if you seek divine guidance or simply want to observe your thoughts, bodily sensations, and the connection between them with a non-biased consciousness.

Gratitude for the Gifts of Nature

Reconnecting with ourselves is essential for the quality of our lives, as we can’t enjoy living when we don’t know who we are. And Mother Nature provides us with many gifts that remind us of ourselves and our connection to nature. We must learn to notice the nature around us and its gifts.

Crystals, gemstones, and geodes are gifts from the Earth that can help us in our personal growth journey and aid us in finding purpose. They might not act as a panacea for our sufferance, but they can enrich our lives. 

So practicing gratitude for nature’s gifts and using crystals with respect and care benefits our minds and souls. Remember to cleanse your gems and thank them for their beautiful energies; they will absorb your intentions and infuse your aura with their healing properties.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Are you on a journey of self-discovery? What have you found about yourself thus far? What practice has helped you the most on this journey? Have you tried using crystals to help navigate you?

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I love looking at crystals! How do I use them to receive above mentioned benefits? Jewelry I understand. In a dish on the dresser? Scattered around the house? Thank you.


Hmm. Getting very woo-woo around here. 😁 But if it works for you …..


I’m finding that I have way to much childhood unresolved issues. I’m learning to deal with it and let the past be in the past

Stephanie Bryant

Thanks for promoting this. I have been getting into Crystals recently and have most stones posted. I feel they are helping me. I actually have 3 crystal bracelets I wear all the time. Easier than carrying my stones out of the house. I also have smaller versions of the 3 most important ones you’ve listed. Black tourmaline, rose quartz and amethyst.


Me too, Stephanie. I appreciate this article very much.
Thanks Xenia!


I LOVE my crystals. I have so many. Been collecting for over 25 years. Started off small, then started going to gem shows. I would buy a couple each time. I have gems and crystals. I keep them in different pretty dishes in my bedroom, some in the living room. Everynight I would take one or two to bed with me and hold them as I sleep. So they could be healing and dream recall. Also have a few crystal/gem books that tell a lot. They are beautiful and each tell their own story. Because of crystals and gems, I started making jewellery, so I would say they bring out creativity.

The Author

Xenia Mateiu founded Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad, California, a welcoming gift shop specializing in crystals, gems, and geodes. She is passionate about these magical gems and the many ways they can enrich physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Xenia wishes to make crystals more accessible to anyone interested in them.

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