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How Feng Shui Can Help You Welcome Wealth in Shades of Purple and Gold

By Terri Nesbitt December 31, 2022 Health and Fitness

What does abundance mean to you at this time in your life? Enough money to take a nice vacation once a year? Or to do work or pursue an interest that you truly love? Is it a home that’s just the right size for your comfort, but not so big that it sucks away your time, money, and peace of mind?

Or maybe you want to go for that one big bucket-list splurge you’ve dreamed of for years. Beyond paying our bills to keep body and soul together, we all hold some wishes, desires, or hopes in our hearts that we would achieve or enjoy, if only…

Money is the one issue that keeps us from many experiences, events, and things we don’t need, but do want at this time in our lives. We may be afraid to spend any of our nest egg, because, you never know… And that’s true.

Unexpected costs can rob us of some of the comfort, peace, and joy we looked forward to earlier in our lives. So, we pay our bills, mind our budget, and hope for the best. Sometimes we’re lucky and sometimes we’re not so lucky.

The Flow of Abundance

Feng Shui is all about the flow of energy in your home. If the energy is impeded, its flow gets sluggish or even completely stuck. The energy needs to flow, unobstructed, at a Goldilocks rate – not too fast, not too slow – throughout your home in order to facilitate what we call good luck.

If the good stuff – love, creative expression, people to assist you, travel, work, or pastimes you enjoy, intellectual and spiritual growth, harmony and well-being in your family, good health, a stellar reputation, and abundance – can’t get to you, it may indicate a problem in the corresponding area of your home.

One specific area of your home is designated as the center for Wealth, including blessings, abundance, and prosperity. This does not mean the money you need to live on, to pay for the basic necessities of life. Instead, it offers you more than you need. It’s about what you want.

When you divide your home into a nine-square grid, look at the wall which has your front door on it as the bottom of the grid and the back wall as the top. The Wealth area is the left back (top) corner.

By enhancing this area of your home, you can enhance the wealth part of your life. However, there are other improvements you can do throughout your home that can help abundance find you.

Put Out the Welcome Mat

Let’s start at the front door. This is where all blessings and opportunities for abundance enter the space. It should be clean, attractive, and welcoming. Everything – door hinges, windows, lights, steps – should be in good working order.

Replace any burned out light bulbs and freshen up the paint and hardware, if needed. Placing “greeters” on either side of the door, such as matching plants or statuary, can help create a welcoming vibe. If you have a water feature here, make sure the water is flowing toward the home, not away from it.

Inside the door, a picture or water feature can also attract abundance, and again, make sure the flow is moving (or appearing to move) into the home.

Now look at the pathway from your front door to the Wealth area. Is it blocked? Do you have to pass through cluttered areas on the way to your Wealth area? The path needs to be unobstructed, tidy, and well-organized.

The Power of Purple

In the Wealth area of your home, the power color is purple, including all shades and variations of this hue. You can decorate using this color in paint, furniture, fabrics, rugs, artwork, knickknacks, flowers, or even book covers.

Water is a powerful Feng Shui enhancement for wealth, and this is a good place for a water feature or picture of a body of water or koi fish.

It’s also a great place for a money tree plant or any healthy plant that bears leaves in the shape of coins. A bowl of coins (real currency or not) in the area or on a window ledge here can also help attract money energy.

This is a perfect spot for a small box filled with little pieces of paper on which you have written your wealth dreams, wishes, desires, and goals, or pictures of what you want, whether it be an event, experience, or object.

This box can be purple, but gold is the other color symbolizing wealth and prosperity, and I found a very inexpensive gift box in sparkly gold that I love for this purpose. You can also add gold accents throughout this space.

Pictures or other items that symbolize wealth, prosperity, or luxury to you can also offer a boost of energy here.

For example, a jewelry box, a crown or tiara, a picture of a boat, car, or house, a small replica of the Eiffel Tower, or an empty (you can imagine whatever you want it to hold), beautifully decorated or beribboned gift box may spark a feeling of abundance. This is personal, so use whatever feels right to you.

Traditional Chinese Feng Shui items for wealth include gold-colored coins (often tied with red string), a three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth, or lucky cat (left hand up) and laughing Buddha statues. But you do not have to use them if they do not hold cultural significance for you.

In your home, it’s about how you define Wealth so choose items that symbolize abundance to you. What is most important is that you LOVE this part of your home and everything in it.

Spread the Wealth

You don’t want to indiscriminately spread symbolic Wealth items all over your home, because sometimes, Feng Shui symbols can clash with each other, and you don’t want to dilute or douse another energetic area while trying to enhance abundance energy.

Instead, find the Wealth area of each room, seeing the room’s entrance as you do your front door. So, the farthest left-hand part of the room corresponds to the Wealth area, and you can place small items symbolizing wealth in these spots throughout your home for an added boost to the Wealth energy of the entire space.

However, you can do some things throughout your home to keep Wealth energy from leaking away. Close or cover all sink, tub, and shower drains when you’re not using them. Tie a red ribbon on each of the outflowing water pipes under your sinks. Keep bathroom doors closed and toilet lids down.

Having a bathroom in the Wealth area of your home is considered inauspicious in Feng Shui, but there are some things you can do if this is your situation.

Instead of using all the enhancements described above that you would use if this were another kind of space, make sure everything in this bathroom is in perfect working order.

Keep the entire room super clean, decluttered, well-lit, well-ventilated, and well-organized (yes, even under the sink and in drawers and cupboards), and keep the countertops as clear as possible, displaying only your favorite, loveliest perfume bottles and skincare jars.

Add plants and colors like green and brown, bringing in the Wood element (water feeds wood, creating a nice balance with the abundance of the Water element).

Go for luxury in this bathroom, using the most beautiful fixtures, linens, and accessories possible. Remember, it’s not about quantity, but rather quality and elegance.

Let the Good Stuff Flow

Are the pathways on which abundance can find you blocked? Feng Shui can help open the inflowing and outflowing of prosperity energy in your home and your life. And yes, I said “outflowing,” because abundance does not come to you and get stuck there. It moves through you and your life.

You want money to buy something, which gives that money to someone else. Giving items you may have once longed for, received, used, and loved, to others who are now longing for them, keeps the flow moving.

Generosity is a great form of thankfulness, and the more you are open to letting the good stuff flow to you and through you to others, the easier it becomes for the energy to make its way to you, bringing your most cherished dreams, wishes, and hopes.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What can you say about your finances beyond the basic needs? Do you want more money for extras in your life? Are there some specific kinds of abundance you long for? Try some of these Feng Shui enhancements and let the good stuff flow! Join in the conversation and tell us about your Wealth experiences!

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