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How Jamie Lee Curtis Rocks the Magic of Short Hair for Women Over 50

By Penelope Jane Whiteley August 14, 2018 Beauty

Have you noticed how many celebrities seem to have zero ‘problems’ with grey hair as they age? Unlike the rest of us, who are often in a tizzy about what we should do with our grey hair.

Of course, it is easier if you have a stylist and people around you who can help you create the look you’re after. But if your hair is grey, looks like wire wool, is thinning, or heading in that direction, what is the look you’re after?

Whether you have thin, fine, flat, thick, curly, straight or wavy hair, you will find a modern or classic cut that can take years off your face and add more volume. The most popular haircuts for women over 50, greying or not, include pixies, long bobs, shags, long layers and bangs.

Short Hair Can Be Very Youthful on an Aging Face

Why am I talking about short haircuts? Because no matter the colour, short hair can be flattering for an aging face. Why? Because it brings the eye of the beholder up to your smile and your eyes and removes the focus from a jowl or chipmunk cheeks.

Jamie Lee Curtis Is a Great Ad for Short Hair for Older Women!

One of the first women I always think of, who looks simply stunning with short hair, is Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie is blessed with a long neck and strong jaw. She admits to having had some plastic surgery and to using Botox, and a pixie haircut like hers looks best with a clean look around the jaw-line.

How Jamie’s Hair Will Work for You

Jamie’s hair is short and funky, tapered into the head at the sides and back. It is jagged cut for a textured look all over. This cut is perfect for fine and thin hair because it gives dimension. A regular trim every 4-6 weeks is needed to maintain the shape.

The Almost ‘No Care’ Plus to a Style Like This

The beauty of a hair style this length is the lack of maintenance. If your hair is grey or has grey ‘highlights’, use a brightening shampoo plus a very light conditioner – 2-3 times a week only. Be warned, a heavy conditioner will weigh your hair down, literally!

Towel-dry your hair and avoid using products. Use a hairdryer on medium heat and low power. Make sure you run your fingers through your locks and lift the strands at the roots to create volume.

If your hair is super-dry and looks a little like wire-wool, use a de-frizz product to settle it down but only apply it to the frizzy bits. For more tips look at Grey Hair and You.

Getting Control of Thick and Thin Hair

Thick hair needs a bit of control, while thinner hair needs a little extra volume and hold. Jamie uses a flexible hair pomade that builds volume but also gives flexible support. If your hair is thin, it will benefit from this type of shaping and volumizing product.

Very thick hair needs less volume and will benefit from a flexible mousse that provides structure. You need to run a dime-sized amount (about 1p) of product through your dry hair, with your fingers. Focus on the longer pieces at the top of your head.

Colouring Short Hair for Older Women

Jamie’s colour is natural, with a little help. We have seen her transition from dark to iron gray to the white/gray colour she has now.

If you want this colour and you still have dark in your hair, the best way is to have your hairdresser add some foils, highlights or streaks. You can choose to go as light as you like.

This method only works if you have some dark hair, though. You cannot bleach grey hair because it has no melanin (colour) to bleach!

Jamie’s Makeup Compliments Her Short Hair

A proponent of telling (or showing) it like it is, Jamie opts for the less-is-more look in her makeup. This is a look we can all adopt as the years creep by because it is quick, easy and looks great.

Jamie is 60 this year and it will be interesting to see what she does as she continues to age. Will she have something done to make sure her jaw line stays firm and strong, or will she truly relax into her senior years and let it all hang out… so to speak!

Do you still have longer hair? Do you fear short hair as a lot of women do? Is your hair still dark or are you pepper and salt? Do you like your hair to make a statement? Do you have any tips on choosing short hairstyles for older women? Let’s discuss the advantages of short hair, and your fears of cutting your strands, in the comments below.

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