Even though families are spread across the world these days, the holiday season offers an opportunity to connect even the most tenuous dots. Many families live close enough to visit each other. This is great because everyone can connect physically with great food, entertainment, walks or fun planned activities.

Perhaps your family gets together for a skiing holiday or beach vacation. Or, maybe you are living apart and have to depend on technology to bring faces and smiles together. No matter how you choose to connect, there are plenty of ways to establish traditions that will tie your family closer together.

For example, I collect “peace” themed cards and pin them up on my wall year after year. I write inside each card the year and place I find myself. It is soothing, reassuring and fun to see the continuity in my life. Even better is the feeling that I get when I share these cards with my friends and family.

Most people love, or at least appreciate, the holidays. Family traditions can be the glue that holds dispersed families together. Through our traditions, we find a deeper meaning in the holidays. Regardless of our religious beliefs, the holidays can be a time to practice generosity, thoughtfulness, and above all, the golden rule.

What Christmas or holiday traditions do you follow in your family? How do you think that traditions impact the way that we look at the holidays? Please join the conversation.

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