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How to Deal with Damaged Hair after 60 (A Stylist Gives Her Advice)

By Sixty and Me May 19, 2020 Interviews

For nearly every woman on earth, our hair is our crowning glory, no matter how old we are! As time passes, you might have noticed your hair undergoing changes, such as becoming thinner or not as shiny as it was before. Chances are that it has changed color as well!

Today, Margaret Manning speaks with celebrity stylist and recent member of the I-just-turned-sixty club Denise McAdam about tips for the mature woman who is dealing with damaged hair.

How Did It Happen?

The first question we should ask ourselves is how did our hair become damaged to begin with? Was it a hormonal change? Is it due to chemical exposure? Are we simply bad hair managers, using styling instruments incorrectly?

“Once you understand how it got damaged, it’s easier to find a solution to the problem,” Denise notes.

As we grow older our bodies, including our hair, will change, for some of us, dramatically. Denise feels that it’s important for women to realize that they have reached a new chapter in the book of their lives.

Bringing in a photo when you were twenty-something and asking the stylist to recreate the hair in your youth is not productive and not realistic. Denise believes that women are better served by facing facts and enjoying what ever “chapter” in life you find yourself.

Best Tips to Avoid Damage

Avoiding the things that damage hair is far easier than repairing it. Some of Denise’s best tips include:

Limiting Heat: Blow dry the roots, not the ends. You should always avoid very hot temperatures. The Dyson hair drier is great for fine hair and curly hair since it doesn’t use extremely hot air.

Use the correct hairbrush and learn how to brush your hair correctly. Brushing your hair and what brush you use might seem farfetched, but Denise says that these can actually damage your hair.

If you must use hair irons, whether they are straightening irons or curling irons, you should always use a good heat protection product. Denise recommends Wella or Loreal brands.

How to Help with Breaking or Brittle Hair

Hair and nails are a barometer to what is going on inside the body, Denise says.

Breaking or very brittle hair occurs for a variety of reasons, including medical problems or medication. It can occur from heat or even air pollution, but a medical checkup can ensure that there are no underlying health problems would be the place to start.

What about Thinning Hair?

This is a huge subject that Denise has found that many women are afraid to discuss, most likely because many people believe that thinning hair equals old age. While it’s true that the aging process often does lead to thinning hair, some women are born with thin, fine hair, so this isn’t something to fear.

Let’s also not forget that grey hair is naturally thinner because it lacks color. Many women begin to see grey hair in their thirties or even their twenties, so thin hair does not necessarily make us ancient history!

Supplements can help prevent or improve hair thickness. One of Denise’s favorite supplements is a professional biotin product, available only at your hair dressers.

The manner in which you style your hair can sometimes be the cause of thinning, such as wearing hats daily or wearing a tight hairstyle regularly. Try to change hairstyles and try other options besides hats to avoid this problem.

The Final Word

Denise says that, more than anything else, she is happy that women talk about these things in today’s world. Previously, even subjects such as thinning hair used to be avoided, for the reasons given above.

Denise was recently given an award by the Queen of England and Margaret talks with her about this and other issues in her life, which makes for an entertaining video interview that you shouldn’t miss.

Do you have other tips you use to avoid hair damage? Which are your favorite supplements to improve your hair? Have you found other causes for thinning or brittle hair besides the ones mentioned? Join in the conversation- We want to hear from you!

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