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How to Fall in Love with Getting Older

By Lori Martinek August 13, 2022 Mindset

I love getting older! How many women do you know who feel that way?

Sure, my body is changing, and my eyesight may not be as good as it used to be, but I consider that a gauntlet thrown by Mother Nature to keep me active, eating healthy and working out on a regular basis. I accept the challenge!

I believe in positive ageing: feeling good about yourself, keeping fit, active and healthy, and engaging fully in life as you grow older. You couldn’t pay me to be in my 30s again. My 50s were my favorite decade, and I expect my 60s to be even better!

What I Love About Getting Older

Age brings a growing appreciation for what is good about life and my list seems to grow longer with every passing day. For instance, I work to create deeper relationships with friends and loved ones – not because I have more time, but because I care more.

My spectrum of life widens with every passing year. I look at things more broadly and care more deeply. I worry less about how things ‘will turn out’. I pretty much know the answer at this point.

Also, I have become less emotional and more thoughtful. I think before I act more often, which has been life changing. I care less about what people think of me and more about what I think of them.

I’ve learned that worrying never stops anything from happening. I also know that I am very good in an emergency. That combination has taught me to worry less and enjoy life more.

Worrying Less About Expectations

With age, expectations seem to be lower. There is less pressure to perform (especially from myself). Overachieving has become an option, not an obsession.

I can go to bed early without having to explain why and without worrying about whether I am ‘missing out’ on something. I can flirt shamelessly and no one takes me seriously, which makes it great fun.

I am simplifying, downsizing and no longer trying to keep up with the neighbors. I have been there, done that and have many charitable donation receipts to prove it. Minimalist? Not quite, but it’s all very freeing.

Learning to Appreciate Me

As a result, I have learned to appreciate myself. I know what I like and need to be happy, and I am far less willing to compromise on any of it. I have (more) great stories to tell with every passing year, and I take the time to tell them, instead of rushing through the highlights.

Also, I fully know who I am, I like who I am, and I really don’t see myself changing much in the future. I have become much more willing to speak my mind, regardless of how unpopular my opinion may be.

I have gained the kind of confidence which comes from life experience. I know what matters and what doesn’t, and I don’t ‘sweat the small stuff’.

I am secure in my ability to provide for myself. Do I worry about the future? Of course. We all do, especially in uncertain times as these. But I do have a plan.

Most of all, I love knowing that I likely have 30 or more years still ahead of me which I can use to become even more centered, self-assured and accomplished. In our first 30 years, we typically grow up, get an education and make major life decisions.

During the next 30 years, we usually focus on family and career. It’s my third 30 years that I am most interested in. Why? Because it’s the time when I can really focus on me, my passions and my goals for a happy, healthy, independent life.

What do you love about getting older? What challenges has Mother Nature thrown your way, and how are you dealing with them? Do you think a positive attitude leads to healthy ageing? Which decade has been your favorite? Please join the discussion below!

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I truly enjoy reading and sharing the comments of people who are sharing their lives and challenges as we age. We think it is easy but find it can be challenging just the same.

The Author

Lori Martinek is a successful entrepreneur, author and mentor to new and aspiring business owners. She is the owner of Encore Business Advisors and the founder of MindingHerBiz, a pro bono project which helps women embrace small business ownership. Her latest book, Retiring Solo, is available on Amazon.

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