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How to Feel Like a Millionaire Inside, No Matter What’s Going on Outside

By Elizabeth Dunkel February 15, 2017 Lifestyle

Recently, a reader of my Millionaire series commented that perhaps thinking like a millionaire isn’t something to be aspired to because “What’s so good about being acquisitive, status oriented and power hungry?”

When I speak of my inner millionaire, I’m not talking about a greedy overreaching personality whose major interest is to earn money, covet possessions and flaunt status.

It’s About Peace of Mind

The fantasy I have about being a millionaire revolves more simply around the idea of never having to worry about money. That is peace of mind I seek. For some reason, I believe that if I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t worry about money.

I have amongst my dearest friends a quiet, confident, self-effacing millionaire. Guess what? Even she admits that she has the classic bag lady nightmares. Fear of running out of money happens at every level. Nothing is ever enough, it seems.

It was then I realized that I had to figure out a way to stop fearing running out of money – without having a million dollars.

Accessing My Inner Millionaire Means Focusing on the Things Money Can’t Buy

When I concentrate on the things that money can’t buy, then my life becomes richer than my dreams. The great thing is, we all have access to the things that money can’t buy. We just have to tap into our souls for that. An intimate moment of conversation. The evening breeze fluttering in through a window. Mourning doves cooing at dawn. The first sip of steaming hot tea in the morning.

Enjoy the Richness of History: Yours for Free and it’s Priceless

You love reading? How lucky you are to have the original words of Charles Dickens to enjoy! Millionaires and less than millionaires alike can listen to the priceless music that is Mozart or Beethoven on the radio. Or look at Van Gogh’s very own brushstrokes on one of his paintings. Priceless experiences are all around us; pleasures that everyone can enjoy and that money can’t buy.

You Have Enough

Even if you have limited resources, know this: you have enough.

I write this millionaire series to explore focusing on abundance rather than scarcity. I believe that no matter where we are on the economic spectrum, we can experience the peace of mind and the generosity of living that comes when you feel you have enough. We need to banish the fear that we’ll “run out.” I admit, I don’t have this all figured out…it’s a challenge for me too, every day.

Extravagance is in the Details

Throughout my life, people have commented on my ability to seek the sensual beauty in every moment. This art – or is it a learned skill? – is partly what was responsible for my successful advertising career. When it comes to writing TV commercials or copy, I understand “desire.” Creating desire is simply about celebrating and honoring the details.

Life is in the details. It’s in the way I set up a welcoming tea and coffee station for houseguests so they’re not helpless in the morning waiting for me to show up. It’s how I print out my Wi-Fi password on cards, placed next to their bed so they don’t even have to ask. And how I place books I know they will enjoy in their room. It’s the way I light candles every night, not just on special occasions, to cast a warm glow over cocktail hour.

Details can make your life aspirational, cozy and fun all rolled into one. Details make me and my friends feel like a million.

No One Charges You for Joy. Joy is Free

Living a life where you agonize over every cent is you spend is terrible because it robs you of joy, the free joy of life that is there for the taking. Focusing on abundance is free. Rejoice in the perfection of a gorgeous flower. A marvelous concert on the radio. Feeling enriched when I gaze at the evocative colors and textures of my yarn stash placed lovingly in a natural basket.

You Are Unique on This Earth, Which Makes You Priceless!

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else on this earth. You are unique and you are priceless. You are a diamond. You are a Queen. Queen of your own life. You have unique gifts that only you can offer the world.

How to Feel Like a Millionaire

You start feeling like a million by taking the most beautiful care of yourself. You need to feel good physically, mentally, emotionally. You need to like your appearance, your hair and your clothes; you need to enjoy your food, and participate in any hobbies or pastimes that make you happy.

We all need to feel vital, important and contributing to those who have less than we do. There are always people who have less than we do.

When you are happy, it is contagious. You make other people happy. Feeling like a million takes some work, but it doesn’t cost great amounts of money.

Feel Your Entitlement

Have you celebrated the special things about you? Can you own up to your fabulousness? It’s okay to feel special – it’s good to feel special. You speak Mandarin? Your life’s journey is a richness that can’t be “monified.” I’m not just an ESL teacher, I’m a dream maker. Look at your fabulousness, own it and declare it.

What makes you feel like a million? Won’t you share your thoughts with us? We’re here to benefit from each other. And… it’s free to comment! Here’s looking at you!

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The Author

Elizabeth Dunkel is a writer and novelist who recently moved back to the U.S. after living in Merida, Mexico for 25 years. Elizabeth is the proud founder of the Merida English Library. As a Cambridge CELTA certified teacher of ESL, she considers herself not just a teacher but a dream maker. “Teaching English empowers people to reach their dreams.”

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