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How to Find Charity Knitting Projects that Warm the World… and Your Heart!

By Sixty and Me January 30, 2017 Lifestyle

As we continue to encourage positive aging here in the Sixty and Me community, we’ve discussed how important it is to maintain some hobbies that bring you joy.

Another great way to bring joy into your life is by getting involved with charity work. Nothing feels quite as good as giving back and helping others in need!

Now, imagine if you could combine one of your favorite hobbies with giving back to those who need it most?

Well it turns out that with knitting, you can do just that!

We’re lucky to be joined today by Nancy Queen, owner of the online shop with its knitting community. Nancy is also the author of two excellent knitting books. She’s going to explain to us how knitting can be more than just an enjoyable pastime! Let’s find out how!


The Many Benefits of Knitting

In past videos, we’ve discussed how knitting can reduce stress, keep your mind sharp, and give you a sense of community. But Nancy shares with us that the benefits of knitting reach far beyond these personal gains.

Knitting for charity is a great way to give back to your community and those in need while still reaping the many personal benefits that knitting offers!

By visiting Nancy’s website, you’ll have tons of resources to help you get started with knitting for charity right at your fingertips. She tells us that you can find links to more than 20 different charities that welcome the donation of knitting projects.

When it comes to knitting for charity, the options are endless. There are charities focused on knitting for the troops, charities that collect knitted teddy bears for children, charities asking donors to knit baby blankets, and so many more options!

There is no shortage of people who can benefit from your knitting!

In the video, Margaret reminds us that even beyond charities, there are plenty of other facilities that would welcome the donation of knitted goods like socks, mittens, or scarfs to name a few. Hospices, retirement homes, homeless shelters – the list goes on and on.

Nancy says that charity really begins at home – and she’s right! While knitting for larger charities or facilities is great, you can also start locally by contacting your local hospital, church, cancer center or homeless shelter!

Working Together

When it comes to knitting for charity, joining a knitting group that has the same mentality of giving back is a great option. Many knitting groups work together to create projects that will be collectively donated to a charity.

And when you’re knitting for charity with a group, you not only help others but you also get the social benefit of knitting with other women!

Nancy reminds us that creating knitted goods is not the only way to give back either! Teaching others how to knit is a wonderful way to help others. By teaching them to knit you are giving them a life-long skill that can benefit them and others!

It’s kind of a pay it forward mentality when it comes to knitting for charity!

Plus, when you’re knitting for someone in need, they will be so grateful for your generosity that they won’t judge your work if it’s not perfect. This offers beginning knitters a wonderful opportunity to practice their skills freely and give back!

Share the Knitting Love

We all want to spend our free time doing something that makes us happy, but if we can find something that we enjoy doing that also benefits others – that’s a win-win!

With knitting for charity, you can enjoy all of the wonderful benefits that knitting brings to your life and help those in need at the same time! What’s better than that?

Turn your hobby into a good deed and share the knitting love by knitting for a charity!

Note: Nancy reminds us that all of the products she wore in the videos today have matching patterns available on her website. So, if you saw anything you loved, you can make one for yourself!

Would you ever want to knit for charity? What are some charities or facilities that you would be interested in knitting for? How has knitting changed your life for the better (or someone you know)? Please share with us in the comments.

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