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How to Plan for Your Ideal Themed Travel Tour

By Sixty and Me March 10, 2019 Interviews

Many women over 60 consider travel as the top activity on their bucket list. With newfound freedom from the nine-to-five job, you now have the opportunity to pursue your interests.

But if you’re a frequent traveler, it can feel like you’ve run out of ideas on where to go and what to explore. If you’re not sure where to go on your next trip, you may want to learn more about themed travel.

In this video, Margaret Manning has invited Shila Desai, travel writer and founder of Eat Your Heart Out Tours, to explain what themed travel is all about.

Passion and Adventure Combined

Themed travel involves looking for a trip or arranging an itinerary that matches your interests. Thus, building a trip around a particular theme can potentially give you a stronger connection with a region because you are specifically looking for those aspects that you are passionate about.

Figuring out what you want to accomplish, learn, or experience makes themed travel all the more fulfilling. That’s where you start.

What gets you excited? What’s your passion? What didn’t really feel enjoyable for you in the past? At this age, you have the benefit of knowing more about yourself. So why not use the information to your advantage when traveling!

According to Shila, humans are connected on a universal scale through food, architecture, music, textiles, and other facets. Travelers can explore these things while abroad and start viewing each new culture through a different lens. In that sense, themed travel simply means being guided by your passion.

Themed Travel Doesn’t Have to Be Bound by Time

If you are relatively new to traveling, you might think that themed trips would require spending a good period of time to really get into the heart of a region or culture. But there’s so much you can do even in a single weekend!

For instance, if you are quite passionate about classical music, and you haven’t attended a concert in a long time, you could book a quick trip to Europe. A weekend in Prague and you’ll be able to bask in classical music played in the city’s many churches. The best part? These concerts are usually for free!

Foodies can go to Japan for a quick getaway and immerse themselves in the exquisite cuisine for a few days. Whatever unique offering that a destination has, which you feel will resonate with you, can be part of your themed trip.

Shila explains that different countries or regions offer different “main events.” For instance, the main event in Patagonia is definitely the cliffs and glaciers. Turkey showcases distinct food and ancient architecture. Understanding the “main event” of a place can help you decide where to go.

Themed travel entails getting right at the heart of your passions and interests and taking that with you as you explore foreign lands. Connect on themes universally shared by humans, and choose one that brings out the best in you.

What passion do you think can be explored on a themed trip? Have you tried going on a themed adventure? Let’s have a chat! Click “like,” share this article, and talk to us. Let’s Have a Conversation!

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