1 month ago

4 Fashion Over 50 Tips from Our Sisters in Italy and France

Whenever I travel, I am always amazed by the diverse ways that my sisters express their style around the world. The women in every single country – from the U.S. and Canada to Italy and France and everywhere in-between – have something special to share!

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2 months ago

Fashion Over 60: Classic Styles You Need to Look Effortlessly Fabulous for Any Occasion

Dressing up in your 60s isn’t always easy, and there may be some things that are holding you back. Be it comfort, style, the season, your shoes, or your accessories, these factors can greatly affect how you style yourself every day…

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5 months ago

Strike a Pose! How 9 Over 50 Style Icons Are Challenging Stereotypes

When it comes to fashion for the mature woman, the question should not be “What’s in style?” or even “What should I wear?” Rather, ask yourself “Who am I?” So says Andrea Pflaumer, author and blogger on fashion, style, and art…

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6 months ago

5 Secret Tips: How Budget Conscious Women Over 50 Can Effortlessly Upscale Their Wardrobe

Every woman has had that moment where she’s looked in her wardrobe and felt she has nothing to wear! When this happens, the first instinct might be to grab the credit card and get shopping, but with a few genius tips and tricks, you can…

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10 months ago

Makeup for Older Women: Eyeliner Secrets from a Celebrity Makeup Artist

Whether pencil or felt tip, eyeliners can be very difficult to apply. They smudge, slip, poke our eyes and generally wreak havoc. Join us today for a few tips from professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole, who is here to show us…

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1 year ago

Want to Keep Your Brain Healthy After 60? This Psychiatrist Has Some Tips

Have you ever wondered how you can keep your brain healthy? Psychiatrist and author John Ratey shares amazing information about the power exercise has over the brain. Enjoy the show! Read More

1 year ago

Express Your Unique Self! Fashion Accessories for Magnificent Mature Women

As more candles are added to your birthday cake each year, you may start to accumulate more and more retired trinkets in your treasure chest. Women maturing into older age tend to shy away from the style they have built over the years and see trends as something they can no longer keep up with. Read More

1 year ago

Fashion After 50: Sparkle and Save by Reusing the Same Items in Creative Ways (Video)

Great style has nothing to do with age. It’s possible to enjoy style and fashion no matter how old you are. Sometimes, though, women who reach a “certain age” think that there’s little point in dressing up anymore. We might think, “Who would stop and bother to notice an older woman’s ensemble?” Read More

1 year ago

How to Deal with Damaged Hair after 60 (A Stylist Gives Her Advice)

For nearly every woman on earth, our hair is our crowning glory, no matter how old we are! As time passes, you might have noticed your hair undergoing changes, such as becoming thinner or not as shiny as it was before. Chances are that it has changed color as well! Read More

1 year ago

How to Keep Your Aging Body Flexible (The Easy Way!)

Do you get out of bed in the mornings and wonder where your get up and go… got up and went? Most women find that, as they hit the half century mark, they aren’t as flexible as they once were…

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