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How to Refresh Your Look with Colorful Plus Size Tops

By Stephen Hadley February 05, 2017 Makeup and Fashion

The world of fashion should not be drab or dull. There are so many beautiful and bold colors to choose from. You will find many prints and designs to express your style and personality.

This is true for fashion in general, not just one subsection of the industry. So, there’s no reason that plus size fashion should be exempt.

If that’s true, then why do so many curvy women choose to hide behind dark, neutral colors? Perhaps its years of negative body image propaganda that has led to insecurity. This is especially true for plus size women over 50.

You have to deal with negative stereotypes of both body shape and age. Too many women are told they have to follow some arbitrary set of rules about fashion. These tend to be restrictive and ageist. Unfair is putting it mildly.

Maybe you’ve heard these comments before. Have you been told you can’t wear leggings? Or been advised that belts are unflattering and unbecoming for larger women? Perhaps you’ve been told that dark colors are slimming and best for your figure. Or that bright colors are not for you and that you should save them for the younger and slimmer ladies.

Here are some tips for using colors to find amazing plus size tops.

Dark Colors

Yes, dark colors are slimming. They should definitely be a part of your wardrobe. Learning to use dark and neutral colors to create flattering looks is a style-must.

But they’re also plain and dull. Do you really want to live the rest of your life with no color? Why not brighten up your wardrobe? Breathe some fresh air into your style. Show off your personality and flair for life. Here are tips for refreshing your look and loving your personal style with colorful plus size tops.

Simple Solids

Want to add more color to your wardrobe but don’t want to go too bold? No problem. Start with simple solid colored tops. As you begin to experiment with color, you’ll discover your own preferences and be able to create all kinds of lovely ensembles.

Go with light colors and pastels. These versatile, relaxed tones will complement dark slacks and skirts without being too dramatic. The result is a flattering, elegant look that is both colorful and casual.

Classic plus size tops in solid colors are easy to mix and match with just about any outfit. Try button-up blouses in aqua, teal, turquoise, dusky lavender and lilac. Mix a bold color with a neutral standard to keep things classic. For example, wear a grey tank top under a green button-up blouse.

Mixing Colors for Stylish Effect

Ready to update your style with a bolder flair? Try tops that combine colors in interesting and elegant ways. You don’t need to anything too wild; just a great combination of color for visual appeal.

One classic style for mixing colors is tie dye. You can’t go wrong. It’s been popular in the fashion world for centuries. The unique combinations you get from a tie dye top mean you get a one-of-a-kind style.

Tie-dye is far from your only option. Try other color, texture and print combinations like batik, tribal, floral, paisley and stripes.

A word of caution: look out for big, loud prints. You probably don’t want a Hawaiian shirt print. Something a bit more subdued is best for a curvy shape. Think a subtle tie dye pattern over a neutral color. My suggestion is to stay classically stylish without being too loud or in-your-face.

Get Creative with Your Plus Size Tops

Don’t be afraid, however, to combine colors and patterns in your personal style. Add a variety of colors to your wardrobe so that you always have plenty of vibrant options. As you incorporate more colors and textures to your closet, expect compliments. They’ll be coming in from all angles!

If you want to try some of our plus size clothes, we are offering a 10% discount for our Sixty and Me sisters in our Etsy Shop.

What is your favorite color? Do you prefer solid color tops or those with batik, tribal, floral or striped designs or patterns? How have you added color and creativity to your ensembles? Please share in the comments.

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