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How to Use the Power of Creativity in Your Everyday Life After 60

By Betty Withrow May 08, 2018 Lifestyle

How are you using creativity in your daily life? Each of us is continually creating our world. Creativity isn’t something that happens somewhere else; something that only certain people have. Every time you draw a breath, you interact with the whole Universe to make life happen.

You don’t have a set path in front of you with a lot of signposts to tell you which way goes to what destination. It’s more that you are like creating the path, and then stepping onto it, in every moment.

Where does the path lead? What possible destinations can you visualize as you consider what you have to work with today? And how can you make it more of the journey that you want it to be?

Creativity Starts with Observation

Creativity can begin anywhere, at any time, using whatever happens to be on hand. It starts with observation.

Take a look around you for about 20 seconds and notice any small details about your setting that you didn’t see earlier. How has your awareness changed?

Maybe there are sounds that had escaped your awareness since you weren’t thinking of them. Colors may be more vivid when you give them more of your attention. Are there a lot of people around? Did you hear anything unusual? What smells are in your environment at this moment?

Breath Fuels Creativity

What feelings do you notice as you observe your surroundings? Take a few deep breaths, and feel the change in the way your senses are giving you information.

Your senses are always working, but often escape direct acknowledgement in the press of events and the needs of the daily activities. Acknowledging the power of your senses makes them more accessible to you.

The most obvious things tend to disappear because they have become so familiar. And yet, they are your strongest allies in creating a day that is rewarding for you.

A bit of light through the window can make everything much easier, or a small sound can bring you into a series of thoughts and associations that change your feelings in an instant. The little things are actually the big things.

Each moment is an illustration of your entire state of being, of your life process. It contains deep messages about your whole life and relationship with it, and with those around you. Consider what a gesture is, how even a tiny movement of a person’s body or of their hands can hold so much meaning.

A careless gesture holds the power to undo good things, while a small gesture of kindness can change someone’s life forever. Creating the response within yourself is the key to the next moment.

Be Aware of Your Inner State

Being aware of your inner state allows you to make decisions about it, instead of being borne along by whatever is going on, without you noticing it.

What is the best thing about your situation right now? And how does thinking about that make you feel? How can you pass that feeling into another person’s day so that it can grow and return to you again, bringing fresh surprises with it?

Thoughts Become Reality

Your thoughts become your reality. Thinking about what is best opens up positive flows in your mind, and lets your body relax as you process the beneficial enzymes that happy emotions produce in your system. It opens the doors of possibility for you. What would it be like to feel more of that?

You may have a type of emotional pattern that makes you feel happier when you are active, or perhaps you are more of “relax and dream” kind of person. Either way, each time you make the conscious decision to step into a creative state, you gain a little more control.

Creativity is the greatest force in the universe, and it lives inside of you. Your inner state is the thing you can control, and when you do that, you bring more and more of the good things into your life and those of others.

How do you bring creativity into your everyday life? What creative things do you love to do? Please share them in the comments below.

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The Author

Betty Withrow is a creativity and life purpose coach, helping artistic and professional women to find a deeper engagement with their life processes, to use the skills and experience we have in creating a dynamic third-act life. Clarity of purpose, vivid life experiences, and a true sense of legacy are her special interests. She is the author of “Prevail: Seven Keys to Create a Personal Victory”. Visit her website

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