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Betty Withrow is a creativity and life purpose coach, helping artistic and professional women to find a deeper engagement with their life processes, to use the skills and experience we have in creating a dynamic third-act life. Clarity of purpose, vivid life experiences, and a true sense of legacy are her special interests. She is the author of “Prevail: Seven Keys to Create a Personal Victory”. Visit her website

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1 year ago

How the Decisions You Make Communicate Your Priorities and Values After 60

All day long, you make decisions – some large, some small. Each one of them reflects the things that you feel are important. What is the basis for this or that decision? It’s something that may not be immediately apparent as you go about…

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1 year ago

The Power of Nostalgia and How It Can Enrich Our Lives After 60

When winter rolls around, it usually triggers a wistful feeling, a sense of completion and a sense of loss. The mornings are cool, the days are short. It’s hard to avoid the feeling of shrinking away! All of Nature seems to be saying, “Stop, listen, think about what you have been, and wonder what you will become…”

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2 years ago

How Nature Can Make Life More Enjoyable After 60

Ahh, spring! The days get longer, the frogs are singing their songs in the evening. The first sprouts bring hope and inspiration and show the power of hope and perseverance. The growth continues. The grasses get taller…

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3 years ago

What’s Really Important? Finding Your Purpose in Life After 60

How can you tell what’s important and what is not? All day and night you have choices to make about the signals that stream in, creating feelings and thoughts. They demand that you take accept, or reject, the ideas that they represent…

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4 years ago

How Often Do You See a Rainbow? Let’s Take a Moment to Consider the Message

The rainbow has been a symbol of hope and of creative energy in many cultures for centuries. Rainbow symbolism is deep and powerful. The emotions that the deep colors bring…

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6 years ago

When Fear Strikes After a Natural Disaster – My Personal Story

Fear is something we all face at one point in life or another. Fear of death, fear of loneliness or fear of an illness. I faced fear two winters ago and, since then, am trying to put my feelings into words that will help me, and anyone else who reads them, find strength to turn fear into grace. Read More

6 years ago

How a Pattern of Making Excuses Helps You Avoid Facing Your Real Feelings in Your 60s

What excuses actually work? The short answer is… none of them.

If you are like everybody else I know, you have found that excuses show up with monotonous regularity and come from many directions. Read More

6 years ago

How to Use the Power of Creativity in Your Everyday Life After 60

How are you using creativity in your daily life? Each of us is continually creating our world. Creativity isn’t something that happens somewhere else; something that only certain people have. Every time you draw a breath, you interact with the whole Universe to make life happen. Read More

6 years ago

5 Ways to Celebrate Spring, the Season of Hope and Possibility

Spring is never quite the way you think it’s going to be. It starts off looking all mellow and warm, with gentle breezes, and then, turns cold and damp, with blustery wind that says, “I am not yet done telling you something.” Read More

7 years ago

What Surviving the Most Expensive Fire in U.S. History Taught Me About Life

This last summer, here in Big Sur, California, we were transformed by fire. The Soberanes Fire, started by a careless camper with an illegal campfire, became the longest-burning fire in the history of Monterey County. Read More