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In Your 60s or Better? Here Are 3 Ways to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

By Paula Harer March 25, 2018 Health and Fitness

Do you want to know how to get on the road to looking 10 years younger than you do right now? It is so simple with these three easy steps: take inventory, rid yourself of energy takers, then forgive and move forward.

Look and Feel 10 Years Younger – First, Take an Inventory

I took inventory of my weekly life to see if I could make it work a little better. I like to work out, but my trainer is a little bit far away from my home and was eating up too much time.

I decided to canceled him for a while and now take classes that are closer to home and offer more time options. That move alone will give me four extra hours that I didn’t previously have.

Then I took a look at my evenings. For the past two weeks, every night was committed, and that makes me grouchy. What could I do though?

I have condensed my volunteer hours to one organization, and that has allowed me to say ‘no’ to many requests that come my way. I am doing my fair share, but I have put boundaries on my involvement.

Moreover, for years I have been on the board of an organization where I really didn’t belong. Resigning from that post gives me two nights a month that I couldn’t enjoy before.

Rid Yourself of Energy Takers

I have a friend who taught me about energy givers and energy takers. How many of us have too many friends who suck the energy right out of us? The answer is: we all do. But, I have been making an effort to rid myself of the energy takers in my life, and you would be amazed at how freeing it is.

No more gritting my teeth because I have to meet someone who doesn’t exactly bring me joy. Why? Why do that to myself and why do that to yourself?

You don’t have to get a friend divorce; you just have to find ways to blur the time you spend with that person. It is like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Forgive and Move Forward

Finally, I don’t go by the old adage, “Forgive and forget.” I have lived long enough to want to hold on to lessons I have learned along the way.

If I were to forget, I would not allow myself to make decisions based on my lifetime of experience. So, I am all in for the forgiveness, but I choose to move forward rather than forget. This way I – and you – can make use of that library of experiences you hold in your brain.

Now the part about looking younger. It has been nearly three years since I left my husband and my home. It was rough, and when I look at photos of myself from that time I am shocked at how I looked!

My eyes and my face were puffy, and I was more wrinkled then than I am now – and no amount of filler or Botox could fix that. I had lost lots of hair, I never slept and I was a mess.

Fast forward a couple of years. People now tell me that I look 10 years younger and, honestly, they are right. I can tell I look younger, more relaxed, with more peace of mind. All of that came from removing myself from a bad environment and from toxic people.

It’s true, the only way to look like a happy person is to be a happy person. Trust me, you can’t be a happy person without surrounding yourself with people you enjoy and doing things that interest you.

So, take inventory of your life, get rid of those things and people who are dragging you down, then learn to forgive and move forward. Seems so simple but works so well.

What do you do to look and feel your best? Do you want to look and feel younger… or do you just want to look and feel healthy? Let’s have a chat!

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The Author

After a 30-year marriage crumbled, Paula Harer found herself single for the first time in 35 years. She felt like she had something to say about her experience, so started writing a blog called Starting Over at Sixty She addresses everything from loneliness and reinvention and offers ways to create a new outlook on life.

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