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7 Free iPad Games for Seniors with Dementia

By Sohail Ahmed October 10, 2023 Lifestyle

Video games can help dementia patients to combat boredom and stay mentally active. It is important for seniors with dementia to engage in activities that help ease the feelings of anxiety and provide social and mental stimulation.

research review by NIH reports many improvements in senior dementia patients after playing video games. The games therapy improved reaction memory, problem-solving, logical reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and observation among other cognitive abilities.

Older adults love the iPad because of its portability and ease of use. There are plenty of free iPad games for seniors but this article focuses on the best iPad games that are specifically popular among dementia patients.

7 Free iPad Games for Dementia Patients

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles is one of the most downloaded puzzle games of all time. This game helps seniors to exercise short-term memory and concentration. The key features of Jigsaw Puzzles include:

  • Tons of free HD pictures from a variety of categories such as colors, flowers, nature, and animals.
  • A new puzzle every day.
  • You get coins by completing puzzles to spend them and get exclusive puzzles.
  • Daily updated gallery so you never run out of puzzles.
  • Custom backgrounds and mystery puzzles.

Have fun putting some jigsaw puzzles together on your iPad.

2. Hangman – Guess Words

Seniors can now enjoy the classic hangman game of guessing words on their iPads for free. This game is best for older adults who want to practice language skills and vocabulary. You have to guess the hidden word, and you can win the game by guessing the word before the figure of stick man is completed.

The key features of Hangman include:

  • Ideal for seniors and the elderly
  • Hundreds of free levels
  • Attractive and colorful design yet simple and fun to play
  • Option to enable or disable the sound

The game is available in different languages for players around the world. 

3. 4 Pics 1 Word

The best brainteaser game with millions of users worldwide. The game provides endless fun and is one of the most suitable iPad games for dementia patients. The game is simple, you have four pictures that have one word in common and you have to guess the word.

The best thing is no registration or complicated rules to play and new puzzles are added continuously. Play to find out why everyone loves the game.

4. Crossword – World’s Biggest

Crossword puzzles have many benefits for dementia patients and encourage problem-solving attitudes among Alzheimer’s patients. This game provides you with a new crossword challenge every day with a collection of hundreds of puzzles. You have a huge collection of unique clues as well as quests to complete and trophies to collect.

You have eight game modes to choose from and can earn the title of Crossword Superstar by completing the required challenges.

5. Word Search: Brain Training

The next entry in the free iPad games for seniors with dementia list is Word Search, a classical Scrabble game. Give your brain a workout by searching and finding the hidden words in the grid. Slide the letter up, down, left, right, or diagonally in any of the eight directions to find the words. The key features of Word Search include:

  • 3 modes and 30+ categories of puzzles
  • Multiple colorful themes
  • Daily word challenge and infinite play with auto-generated grids

Train your brain and improve your vocabulary with Word Search.

6. Logo Quiz – Guess The Brand!

Find out how many company logos can you recognize by taking part in the Log Quiz. The main features of the game are:

  • 2500 logos of different brands with 52 exciting levels
  • You can learn more about brands after guessing the logo
  • You have 5 hints to guess each logo
  • Frequent updates

Get this popular free game and start guessing the logos.

7. Pictoword

Most popular word game featured in 30 countries. Fun game for seniors to test their brain and word guessing skills. You see a series of pictures that combine to create a word. This game provides great help to seniors who struggle to learn. The key features are:

  • Word-guessing games with different levels of difficulty
  • Trivia categories to test your knowledge of landmarks, objects, and TV
  • Brain teasers and puzzles
  • Offline play without WiFi

This game is great for seniors’ brain workouts. Puzzles are updated regularly so it never gets boring.

Video games are one of the favorite iPad activities for older adults. Share these free games with senior iPad users and they will love them.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Have you ever wondered which iPad games might be suitable for dementia patients? Have you tried any of the games on our list? What about other games that are not listed but you think would be great for people with dementia?

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Susan Goodman

I don’t have dementia, but I love playing iPad games. I play clash of clans or the collectors edition of building the Great Wall of China. I like strategy games and time management games and hidden object games. So maybe you could come up with some new suggestions for those games.

Sohail Ahmed

Sure, i will. Most of the above games are top games on Apple store and popular across different age groups. Thanks for the comment :)

The Author

Sohail Ahmed is a tech enthusiast and a blogger. He is passionate about helping older adults with technology. There are not many senior-friendly websites, devices, and gadgets which makes modern technology complicated for them. Sohail started his blog, Tech & Senior with a mission to make technology easier and fun for seniors.

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