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Is it Possible to Find No Single Supplement Cruises? You Bet! (Video)

By Margaret Manning November 27, 2015 Travel

What’s the worst part of cruising alone? If you said, “the single supplement,” you’re not alone. When I speak with the solo travelers in our community, this additional cost comes up again and again. It’s not just that we hate paying more money – it feels like there is something deeply unfair about penalizing single travelers.

No Single Supplement Cruises Do Exist!

The good news, according to my guest, Jane Archer, is that the cruise industry may finally be realizing that they are missing a huge opportunity by pushing the single supplement. After all, for one reason or another, millions of us choose to cruise by ourselves. Some of us have gone through a divorce. Others have lost our partner. Still others just like the experience of solo travel. We have money to spend, but, we want to be treated with respect.

Jane is an amazing travel columnist for the Daily Telegraph and we were lucky to have her on the Sixty and Me Show. I hope that you enjoy our conversation. Please don’t forget to join the discussion in the comments below.

Here’s what cruise expert, Jane Archer had to say about the single supplement.

Traditional Cruise Lines are Evolving to Accommodate Single Travelers

Jane starts by pointing out that Cunard has started to put single rooms on the Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth.

P&O has also added a number of single rooms on the Britannia. They have even put them all in the same area so that single passengers can meet and build new friendships.

In some ways, these recent changes follow in the footsteps of the Norwegian Cruise Line, which started offering single rooms several years ago.

Other cruise lines have decided to wave the single supplement entirely.

For example, Tauck, an American cruise company, doesn’t charge a single supplement if you are in a category one cabin. Unfortunately, this is in the bottom of the ship – but, hey, it’s a start!

Jane’s advice is to shop around. You never know when signing up for an alert will net you the perfect cruise deal. This mirrors senior travel expert, Nancy Parode’s advice, who offers several additional tips for fighting the single supplement.

I hope that you enjoyed my discussion with Jane. Please take a few minutes to join the discussion below.

Do you like to travel solo? Have you found any good no single supplement cruises? Do you have any questions for Jane about finding the perfect cruise? Please add them below.

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