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Is Your Love of Baking and Cooking Increasing with Your Age?

By Margaret Manning May 21, 2016 Lifestyle

As my kids will tell you, for decades, my baking skills were limited to burning grilled cheese sandwiches. On second thought, I’m not even sure if toasting bread counts as “baking.” Perhaps one of my more accomplished Sixty and Me sisters can clarify this for me!

In any case, while I have never become an accomplished cook, I have always loved the idea of baking. There is something about the smell of freshly baked bread that brings a smile to my face. For many women, it’s a smell that takes them back to their childhood. There really is nothing quite like it!

It’s Never too Late to Learn How to Bake or Cook

The idea that older people are set in their ways is deeply rooted in our culture. Sayings like “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” are ubiquitous. What nonsense!

Life after 60 is the perfect time to reconnect with your passions. It’s also the perfect time to learn about the things that have always fascinated you, but, for one reason or another, have remained outside of your grasp. Baking and cooking are definitely on my list.

Over the last year, I’ve committed myself to becoming a better cook. I even took a cooking class in Italy with Flavours Holidays. I still have a long way to go, but, at least my confidence is growing.


Is Your Love of Cooking and Baking Increasing with Your Age?

Talking with the women in our community, I’ve noticed that many of us are getting back into cooking in our 60s and 70s. Perhaps we just have more time. Or, maybe, we see baking or cooking as a form of therapy – a way of taking our minds off of our everyday concerns. Many of us simply want to eat healthier food.

The other day, one of our members asked her Sixty and Me sisters whether they still love to cook and bake. I’d like to share a few of their responses with you here. I hope that they inspire you to reconnect with your inner-chef. Please take a look and join the conversation.

Jodiefilogomo said, “I like to cook when I have the time. It’s fun! But, I like it the best when it’s a group project. It’s better when my husband helps or it’s a friend activity.”

Criskay joined the conversation and said, “Cooking and baking fit well with my need to create. However, since retiring, I’m spending more time bringing home items from Trader Joes and Whole Foods.”

Martagc talked about the reasons that she loves cooking. She said, “I live alone and cook every day. I also bake at least once a week. I want to eat healthy and making your own food with good ingredients is a great way to do this.

I am an accomplished cook, but, there is still so much to learn. I spent the last six months learning about sourdough starters and refining recipes. My sourdough bread now rivals any artisan bakery and I’m mad about sourdough waffles. I always have some in the freezer for a quick breakfast.

I make sauerkraut, ricotta, mozzarella, granola, pickled vegetables and so much more. I am in excellent health and take no medications at all…”

Martagc shared her love of cooking, explaining “I feel the same. I have never enjoyed cooking as much as I do now.

My mid-life career change was to open a restaurant. I sold it five years ago and subsequently taught a culinary class at a local college. I am not a vegan, but, I have eliminated cane sugar and gluten – except for the sourdough, which has a long, slow ferment that significantly breaks down the gluten.

I love learning new techniques and developing new recipes in my own kitchen for family and friends. I am fortunate that my two children are excellent cooks. They live in another state, but our common love of cooking keeps us in almost daily communication as we share our food photos and ideas.”

Dsvanhook added, “I love cooking and baking! My husband and I have moved to a retirement community and there is a lot of socializing, so, I get opportunities to share. In addition, we are living closer to our children and grandchildren now, so, there are a lot more family get-togethers.”

I’d love to get your thoughts on this!

Do you find that you are enjoying baking or cooking more now? Why or why not? What do you love to cook? Please join the conversation.

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