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10 Life-Altering Benefits for Laughing Every Day After 60

By Joanie Marx October 12, 2023 Mindset

Do you find yourself laughing every day? And by ‘laughing’ I’m not referring to the occasional chuckle or half-hearted smile. I’m talking about laughing to the point where your cheeks hurt. The kind of laughter where you feel your abs got the workout of your life the next day.

If you haven’t enjoyed that level of laughter on a daily basis, you are not alone.

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t feel better from laughing. But I sure have met a lot of people in my life who rarely laugh.

What Could Make Someone Avoid Laughing?

Could it be that painful experiences from our past, such as the way we were raised and educated, influence how often we laugh as adults? And what exactly are the healing and uplifting benefits of laughter, especially for us who are 60 and over?

In this article and the accompanying video, I will answer these questions and more as we explore “10 Life-Altering Benefits for Laughing More After 60.”

This is the second article of a new five-part series for Sixty and Me readers titled, “The Healing Power of Laughter.” Find the first article here.

The Guaranteed Cure

Trauma can come from things, including physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, loss of a loved one, and other life-altering events.

For those of us over 60, reflecting back on the experiences we’ve had throughout our lives can run the gamut of emotional highs and lows. The effects of trauma can be long-lasting and can lead to negative physical and mental health outcomes.

Of all the ways to heal trauma, laughter is a guaranteed and highly effective tool that can help us heal from our past traumas and improve our overall well-being after 60.

Health Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is a vital tool for healing trauma because it activates the body’s natural relaxation response, which reduces stress and tension in the body.

Laughter also releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural feel-good brain chemicals. Endorphins help to reduce pain, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being.

In addition to its physiological benefits, laughter also has psychological benefits.

Laughter helps to shift our perspective on our problems, providing a more lighthearted approach to life’s challenges. When we’re able to laugh at our problems, we’re better able to cope with stress and move forward with confidence.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Research studies from the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Journal of Holistic Nursing, and the Journal of Aging Research, among many others, have shown that laughter can have various health benefits for all of us, including, but not limited to:

  • Improved mood
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced social connections

10 Life-Altering Benefits of Laughter

Clearly, laughter is one of our most natural and enjoyable forms of human expression, not to mention a reliable tool for healing trauma. Let’s now look a bit closer at just how life-altering laughter is.

Reduces Stress

Laughter has been shown to reduce stress hormones in the body, which can benefit women over 60 who may be dealing with age-related stressors such as health issues or financial concerns.

Boosts Immune System

Laughter has been shown to boost the immune system, which can help women over 60 stay healthy and prevent illnesses.

Improves Mood

Laughter can improve mood and help alleviate symptoms of depression, which may be more prevalent in women over 60.

Enhances Social Connections

Laughter can help build your social connections and improve relationships. Both of which are important for women over 60 who may be experiencing feelings of isolation.

Relieves Pain

Laughter has been shown to release endorphins, which can help relieve pain and improve overall well-being.

Increases Creativity

Laughter can stimulate the brain and increase creativity, which can benefit women over 60 who might be looking to start new hobbies or pursue new interests.

Improves Sleep

Laughter has been shown to improve sleep quality, an essential element for those who may experience sleep disturbances after 60.

Boosts Energy

Laughter can increase your energy levels and help combat feelings of fatigue.

Improves Memory

Laughter improves memory and cognitive function. This is important for anyone experiencing age-related memory decline.

Improves Overall Well-Being

Laughter has numerous benefits for your well-being, including reduced stress, improved mood, and enhancing social connections.

Laughter is more than just something you do when you are having fun. It is a powerful and effective tool for improving physical, emotional, and mental health.

Whatever you are facing in life after 60, remember, it’s never too late to start laughing.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Have you ever thought to use laughter as a tool to improve your life? Do you find yourself laughing often – or not so much? What things/situations make you laugh easily?

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Love this article, great reminders which I will work to integrate more into my life.


U Tube has Jay Leno’s Funniest Headlines. Hilarious!! We watch them almost every night.


Definitely watching America’s Funniest Videos and funny animal and little kids reels on YouTube or Facebook can always provide laughs. Find a comedian you enjoy, watch silly prank videos, or just pull little silly pranks on friends. And I’ve read that just laughing out loud as an exercise can actually lighten your mood. It’s so difficult these days to have a lighthearted attitude when there are so many serious issues to face.


PLEASE give us more ideas of ideas we may try to bring deep belly laughing! Truly – I’m in search of ideas. I want to laugh more!.

For me – it’s spending time with my sister. When we’re together I know things will pop out of our mouths constantly that bring that kind of laughter. However she lives over 5 hours away so being together with our laughter doesn’t happen all that often for us.

For a while you could catch America’s Funniest Home Videos every weeknight on various channels. It’s a guarantee you’re going to end up laughing out loud! It seems once you start laughing everything being shown tickles that funny bone! My husband and I would watch because we knew how important laughter is in your life. Now it’s not on at all in our area.

Watching babies and kiddos will make me laugh – Either out loud, behind my hand, or after I leave. They can be so funny without even knowing it.

I fall A LOT. My attitude is to laugh hard, dust yourself off, and let it go. I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to go down and get all ashamed or upset. I often do a lot of windmilling trying to grab onto something or balance myself out. I’m sure it must generate laughter from anyone that witnesses this whole “dance”! lol Who doesn’t laugh first when they see a good fall?

Lisa N.

It would be good for readers of this blog to share what makes them laugh. For me it’s classic Marx Brothers movies and some personal favorites; everyone has their particular choices. For instant ‘feel good’ moments I choose Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers films. There’s laughter, but they’re more about feeling good. There are also comedians on YouTube (I love French & Saunders). Some days there are people or situations that make me laugh, but when I need a boost I have these to help me.

Susan Davis

I also love the Marx Brother’s movies! I introduced my teenaged grandson to them with “Duck Soup”. At first he wouldn’t watch it because he didn’t think an old black and white movie could be cool. But I finally talked him into it, and he laughed his head off. Now he goes around quoting Groucho lines!
I also love Monty Python movies. I’ll check out French & Saunders. Thanks! I’m always on the hunt for really funny videos and movies.

Lori Clark

Let’s see… What makes me laugh? Comedians like Seinfeld and Brian Regan; The Holderness Family on FB or YouTube; old comedy shows like I Love Lucy, My Three Sons, and The Dick VanDyke show; newer comedy shows like The Office, Raising Hope, and Friends. And, of course, the things children say and do 🤣

The Author

Joanie Marx is a three-time bestselling author and the creator of the new, groundbreaking Refocus & Renew Your Life® online course series on Udemy. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Psychology, and a leading authority on refocusing and renewing your life.

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