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Learn to Knit with More Confidence with these 6 Knitting Tips for Beginners

By Sixty and Me December 31, 2016 Lifestyle

The importance of finding hobbies and activities that enrich our lives as older adults is a topic that we love to explore here at Sixty and Me.

And we know that the women in our community are some of the most interesting and diverse in the world – and so are their hobbies! Today we want to discuss one hobby in particular, though – knitting!

Knitting is of the most popular pastimes for women in the Sixty and Me community. If you’re a fellow knitting enthusiast, perhaps you’ve enjoyed some of our past videos covering the process of how to get started in the world of knitting.

And if you have, you may be wondering… what comes next? How can I take my knitting to the next level?

Watch Our Knitting Tips for Beginners Video

Luckily, we’re joined today by Nancy Queen, the owner of online yarn shop Noble Knits. Nancy is a knitting expert who has managed to create a community of knitters.

She’s going to help inspire us to take our knitting to the next level.

Let’s watch!


Next Level Knitting

When it comes to most activities, practice makes perfect. Or better yet, practice makes progress.

Nancy explains that the more hours you spend knitting, the more improvement and advancement you’ll see. Practice offers you the ability to create more uniform stitches and even work up to being able to stitch without looking.

Ultimately, practice gives you the confidence to extend and challenge yourself and your knitting practice.

Challenge Yourself

Nancy suggests a variety of options when it comes to challenging yourself. With hundreds of opportunities available for knitters, you can try taking classes, knitting with others, watching a video or joining a knit-along.

By challenging yourself, you’ll be able to keep your knitting practice fresh, interesting and never boring!


One of Nancy’s favorite ways that you can take your knitting to the next level is by joining a knit-along.

Participating in one of these unique events offers you an exciting opportunity to learn one (or several) new techniques!

What makes these learning opportunities really special is how all of the techniques that you’ll learn are centered around one project.

Another interesting aspect of these knit-alongs is that they occur online. This creates a really collaborative experience that brings together knitters from all over the world.

If this whole world-wide knit-along sounds slightly intimidating to you, don’t worry! Nancy’s knitting community has a resident “knitting doctor” who helps knit-along members through any difficult techniques.

You can find more information on Nancy’s website regarding her knit-along. Or check out your local yarn shop – many local shops offer knit-alongs or knitting groups that can bring your knitting to the next level!

Knitting Clubs or Groups

Nancy shares that knitting clubs or groups are great for extending your knitting skills.

Knitting clubs or groups bring together knitters with a variety of skill-levels. This collection of different skill sets allows group members to effectively help each other improve.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to how much can be learned from your fellow knitters.

Online Tutorials or Books

We all know that the internet puts a wealth of information about tons of topics right at our fingertips.

Online tutorials are an effective way to easily take your knitting to the next level. The close-up shots that some tutorials offer mean that you can truly learn a new skill without having to see it in person.

Plus, online tutorials allow you really work at your own pace and replay any portions of a tutorial that you need a bit more practice with. These tutorials are a powerful knitting tool!

Knitting books can also be helpful in advancing your knitting skills. In fact, Nancy has written two excellent books, Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting and Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet, that offer simple step-by-steps guides to advance your knitting skills.

Knit, Purl, and Build

Nancy reminds us that knitting can be a very enjoyable hobby that will enrich your life.

But it can also take time to learn difficult techniques, so don’t worry about perfection when you’re getting started – everyone has to start somewhere!

Focus on learning how to knit and purl first. Then, simply build on those skills over time!

You can also join a knit-along or knitting club to take your knitting hobby to the next level!

Do you enjoy knitting? What do you think of Nancy’s tips for advancing your knitting skills? Do you have any additional tips that can help fellow knitters bring their knitting to the next level? Please share in the comments section.

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