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Let Us Entertain You! Have You Tried Our FREE Sixty and Me Games?

By Margaret Manning October 22, 2018 Lifestyle

Like most older women, I live a pretty active life. Despite having left my corporate career behind, I am pursuing my passions, managing my own business, helping with my grandkids and exploring the world.

With all of this activity, I am always on the lookout for simple, inexpensive ways to relax. Sometimes, this involves getting on a bus and going to another city for a single perfect ice-cream cone. Other times, I just take a 15 minute break to play solitaire or solve this week’s crossword puzzle.

Why Can’t the Best Games Be Free? Oh, Wait… They Are!

So, since I love online games, I thought, “why not add a free casual games section to Sixty and Me?” Surely, if I love playing Sudoku, Mahjong and enjoy a daily Crossword, there must be other women out there who love to do the same!

So, I went looking for the perfect casual games solution. I wanted the games to be high quality and, most of all, I wanted them to be free. I hope that you like what I have found!

Where to Find Our Sixty and Me Games

There are several ways to find our Sixty and Me games. The easiest is simply to click on the “Games” link on the table of contents at the top of our website.

Another option is to go directly to You can even bookmark this page so that it’s always handy.

Before you do anything else, please visit We put a lot of love into this section and I hope that you enjoy it!

What Kinds of Games Will You Find on Our Site?

One of my favorite things about using the Games section of Sixty and Me is getting to try out all of the new options. For example, today, I just discovered Ice Cream Blast, a fun little matching game, similar to Candy Crush.

At the same time, no matter how many games I try, I always seem to gravitate back to my favorites. Here are a few of the games that I play most often. You can click on the links to go directly to the pages for each game.

Mahjong Dimensions

Klondike Solitaire


Daily Crossword

At Sixty and Me, we are always looking for ways to help you get more from Life after 60. Compared to some of the more serious topics that we cover, playing games may seem a little frivolous. But, at the end of the day, who ever said that life after 60 needed to be boring?

I hope that you enjoy our Sixty and Me Games! If you do, please let us know in the comments.

What are your favorite casual games? Do you like Solitaire, crossword puzzles, Mahjong or Bridge? Please join the conversation!

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