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Looking for a Job After 60? Career Expert Kerry Hannon Offers Some Useful Advice!

By Margaret Manning October 29, 2018 Managing Money

Money is a hot-button topic.  Most people would rather admit to having an affair than that they have credit card debt! So, I set out to find an expert who could offer no-nonsense advice, just for women over 60. Kerry Hannon is just such an expert.

Kerry has been writing and speaking on the topic of starting an encore career for many years. In our interview, she gives some specific advice for starting a new career or supplementing your pension or social security payments after 60.

I hope that you enjoy the interview!

During our discussion, Kerry encourages us to be prepared to take measured risks. She also says it’s important to learn how to redeploy, not reinvent ourselves. In our interview, we discuss how to leverage all the skills that we have developed over 6 decades, while building a positive mindset.

Here are 3 pieces of practical advice that Kerry offers for finding your dream job in your 60s.

When Looking for Encore Work, a Little Swagger is OK!

Kerry admits that finding work after 60 is a little more challenging and requires a confident mindset. We discuss how many older women lack confidence and, for many reasons, demonstrate a paralyzing fear of failure.

Her advice is to network! Ask friends what you are good at. Make a checklist of your experiences and update your resume. Get out into the community and engage with the world by volunteering or mentoring. Boast a bit about your accomplishments and connections. As Kerry says, a little bravado and swagger is definitely ok!

Start a New Business After a Little Soul Searching

Kerry also suggests that starting a new business might be the way to get the freedom and income want after 60.

Next, we discuss the importance of balancing the need to follow your passions with the need to develop a carefully thought out plan. She suggests that we be ready to try new things, while making sure there is a market for the product or service being planned.

Go Ahead and Embrace Failure

If you are looking for work after 60, Kerry suggests you take some time to reflect on who you really are and what you really want from life. Do something every day that moves you towards your goal.

Even if you feel a sense of urgency, try to slow down and plan. This may involve getting additional training or getting finances in order. Finally, Kerry gives some advice for how to deal with ageism.

Have you switched careers or started a new business in your 50s, 60s or beyond? What do you think the keys are to finding a job after 60? What one question would you like to ask Kerry? Please join the conversation and “like” and share this article to keep the discussion going!

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