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How to Make the Most of Local Attractions When You Can’t Go Far from Home

Many of us do not know when we will be able to travel again internationally or even further afield in our own country.

If you are like me, I am feeling like I have cabin fever. I want to be able to get out and explore. So, I have decided to play ‘tourist’ in my own city. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a tourist in your own city or town?

Before you head off to explore your local area, pay a visit to your local tourist information office and find out what is new in your neighbourhood.

Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of local attractions in your home city:

Hop on Hop off Buses

City busses are such a great way to see your city. Purchase a 2- or 3-day pass and visit those stops along the way that you haven’t visited before or that you haven’t visited for such a long time.

City Passes

An excellent option for free or reduced prices to many of the city’s major attractions are so called city passes. Most passes also offer discounts at museums and food establishments.

What a great way to try out a new restaurant or café. Check out any new exhibitions at your local museums before you head out.

Take a Local Walking Tour or Two

To get the most out of a walking tour, ask as many questions as you can of your guide. Not only will you learn more about your own city, but your guide will appreciate your interest.

If you are interested in history or architecture let your guide know. Ask them for their top tips where to eat or drink in your city, or where they like to visit on their days off.

Take a friend with you and pretend that you are a local guide showing your friend the highlights.

Relive Your Childhood

Do you have fond memories of visiting places with family and friends when you were younger? Head to the local park for a picnic or to a theme park to enjoy the thrill of the rides!

Are You on Instagram?

Head out to the most popular Instagram places in your city and enjoy taking your own Instagram photos.

Enjoy the Sun’s Movement

Find the best sunrise and sunset spots in your city and share them with a friend or family member.

Shop When the Markets Open

Visit local markets when they first open. Enjoy the buzz with the local stall owners and the fresh produce!

Eagle’s View

Is there a tall building in your city that offers 360-degree views and a viewing platform? It is time to revisit your city, the cityscape would have changed over the years.

Learn to Cook

Take a local cooking class or food tour.

Over the last few years we have seen distilleries and craft beer venues open their doors in our area. We love to support our local community by attending their weekly events. Check out your local venues and support them as well.

Don’t forget to let your local tour attractions operator know how much you enjoyed their tour. Write a review for them on their website or Facebook page.

Have you thought about visiting local attractions in your own city or town? With most people staying home, which tourist destinations are open for visitors? Which ones do you think you can safely visit? Or have you already ventured out and about to have some good time amidst the chaos? Please share your experiences with our community!

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