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Makeup for Older Women: My (No Item Over $5!) Party Makeover Using Catrice Products

By Sixty and Me March 28, 2019 Interviews

Ready to have some fun? Enjoy wearing makeup, but can’t afford $20 or more for a single product? You don’t have to break the bank to look your best.

In this Sixty and Me video, Margaret Manning demonstrates some great Catrice products for women over 60. Catrice is a German–based company with several divisions for women of all ages. For those of us in the US, these products can be purchased through ULTA Beauty.

A Fixed Foundation

What is the secret to makeup that looks natural and lasts all day? Clean, moisturized skin of course! A protective facial oil from Growing Younger Gracefully provides the perfect canvas for Margaret to apply her foundation.

Margaret chose Catrice All Matt+ in “Nude Beige” for her foundation. One might expect a long–lasting foundation to feel dry, but this product goes on smooth and blends in well. A bonus – it smells great too.

It is especially important for women over 60 to avoid overdoing their foundation as it can look caked on and accentuate wrinkles and imperfections. A small amount dabbed on the center of your face and blended well is perfect. Don’t forget your eyelids, especially if you don’t have an eye primer.

If you wish to add some light and brightness to those darker areas under the eyes, try Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer. Apply a few dots just under the darker skin and blend it by tapping rather than rubbing. If you want to highlight your brow bones, the concealer can be applied just under the brow as well.

Bewitching Blush

Mature skin tends to fade and loose rose tones so a little blush can take years off your face. Catrice Light and Shadow is a powder blush compact with two shades, a darker one for the apple of your cheek and a lighter color to add highlights above.

Margaret applied the blush with a toothbrush type applicator that blends magnificently. The pigment in this blush is not particularly intense so you may have to use more than you normally would. It’s best to apply several layers, building up the color for a natural looking glow.

Enchanting Eyebrows

Attractive, shapely eyebrows can be a real struggle for women over 60. Thinning, changing shape, and lighter colors can all be a challenge. Margaret used a sweet little eyebrow set by Catrice to add color and definition to hers.

This compact comes with everything you need for perfect brows – two colored powders, tweezers, and tiny double–sided brush. Brush down your eyebrow hairs with the brush and fill it in with the powder. Then brush the hairs back up for a finished look.

Provocative Peepers

Who says women over 60 shouldn’t have fun with makeup? While Catrice has a very nice nude palette with 7 colors, Margaret decided to go a little wild with a purple palate from L.O.V. Catrice’s sister company. At $7 the L.O.V. eye shadow was slightly over the $5 budget, but hey, life should be enjoyed!

Start applying eye shadow with the lighter color on the eyelids to bring them forward. Apply the darker color toward the outside of the lid and keep it low. This eye shadow has a bit of shimmer for an extra glamorous look.

Eyeliner frames your eyes and helps thin lashes look thicker. Catrice offers a great liner that is inexpensive (under $4) and super easy to apply. It comes in a roll–up type pencil. For the best control, use a dashed line very close to your lash line rather than trying to draw it in one single line.

Lavish Lashes

Who doesn’t want thick, healthy–looking lashes? Catrice All Round Mascara is volumizing and can help plump up the thinning lashes many mature women struggle with. The brush is straight and has long bristles that really help you get every lash. Start at the base of your curled lashes and stroke upward, paying special the inner and outer corners.

Lush Lips

Your lips make a statement in more ways than one so it’s time for them to really shine! For a more dress–up look, use a liner several shades darker than your natural lip tone. Line just outside your natural lips for more fullness.

Margaret found a great new trend in lipstick – Catrice Ombre. This lipstick combines both a dark and light color in one. The darker tint is used as a second liner and the lighter color fills in the center. Finish off with Catrice Beautifying gloss to really boost the shine.

Beauty Can be Affordable and Fun

Of course, it isn’t necessary to follow every new trend that comes along. The beauty of being a woman over 60 is that you know what you like and what looks good on you. The danger is that you may get stuck in a rut and never try anything new.

Thanks to the affordability of these cosmetics, there isn’t much risk in exploring the world of makeup. So try that green eye shadow that seems to pop out at you. It may turn out to be your new favorite!

Makeup for Older Women: My (No Item Over $5!) Party Makeover Using Catrice Products

What new makeup trend have you been dying to try? Do you find using makeup fun, or a necessary evil? What is the one item of makeup you can’t live without? Join the conversation!

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