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No More Moisturizers? How to Choose Facial Oils and Serums for Aging Skin

By Sixty and Me September 03, 2017 Beauty

Are you a little confused by which facial oils and serums are the most effective for mature skin? Look no further! On today’s show, I will talk with an expert about how to get the most from these products. Enjoy the show!

Exploring Facial Oils

Oils have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties and today they are as popular as ever. Oils are used to cleanse and/or soften skin, relieve stress, boost immunity, and reduce pain and inflammation in the body. So how do we know what type of oil to apply to our skin?

Each oil comes with various nutrient value, so a little research can help you pick an oil to best meet your needs. Some great oils for the face and neck include carrot oil, rose oil, neroli oil, and frankincense. Also, coconut oil is a great moisturizing, cleansing oil but it needs to be washed off after applying.

Understanding the Different Between Oils and Serums

Oils are pure botanical extracts that bring therapeutic properties to the skin. They are derived from many types of plants from around the world. Oil Blends are simply a combination of pure oils used together to achieve a combination of results.

Serums, on the other hand, can be water based or oil based and are slightly more viscous than a liquid oil. The smaller molecular makeup of a serum aids in its ability to penetrate the skin deeply, delivering active ingredients directly to problem areas.

Achieving Multiple Benefits in One Application

Maybe you’ve only thought about applying facial oil as a way to help moisturize dry skin, but there are so many more benefits in this one simple step. First, when patting oil around the eyes, you are naturally relieving puffiness due to seasonal allergens. Also, when inhaling the oil’s fragrance around your nose, you are taking in the therapeutic properties that serve as a decongestant and open your airways.

Another great value of applying facial oil is that is serves as a wonderful primer before applying foundation. You’ll get a great, even coverage that helps set off your skin’s natural glow.

Going Deeper

To take your skin care one step further, consider pampering yourself a bit by massaging your facial oil into the face and neck areas or even applying acupressure. There are many video tutorials on the web and even facial tools that you can purchase to help you make the most of your facial massage experience.

For a natural alternative to Botox, Ariane suggests a collagen stimulator that simply rolls tiny pins across the skin. Use nightly on clean, dry skin and give it a good week before you decide if it is right for you. Applying oil after stimulating the collagen in your skin is a great routine that helps plump the skin and naturally rebuild collagen.

What are your thoughts and experiences with facial oils? What’s your favorite fragrance? Please join the conversation!

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