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Makeup Over 50: Are You Making These Common Mistakes? (# 3 Is Eye-Opening!)

By Sixty and Me November 02, 2018 Beauty

Wouldn’t it be lovely if makeup were as simple as finding what works for you and being able to stick to it for good? Unfortunately, much to our disappointment, this is not the case. If you find your makeup routine just doesn’t seem to be working as well as before, you’ll be fascinated by today’s video with Ariane Poole!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret is joined by makeup artist Ariane Poole to discuss everyday makeup mistakes older women make, and the quick and easy ways to change them!

Are You Hanging On To Old Habits?

One of the hardest things about getting older is admitting we have to let go of what we feel are tried-and-tested makeup routines. Unfortunately, as we age and our skin changes, we need to update the way we do makeup as it is unlikely to keep having the intended effect.

Think of it this way: you review your skincare routine when you notice your previous products are no longer working the way they should – makeup is no different!

When it comes to needing to make adjustments to makeup for mature women, Ariane says the most significant issues she sees are women either continuing to wear makeup as they did in their twenties, or just giving up.

Most of the time, the changes can be as simple as softening up what you are currently doing – as Margaret says, “Making some adjustments can really make a difference.”

Simple Tips For Applying Eyeshadow

One of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to makeup after 50, is to continue wearing heavy, unblended eyeshadow. Getting older does not mean you need to suddenly throw out all your darker shades, instead, change the technique you use to apply them.

Ariane recommends the first step should be to use an illuminating concealer; however, avoid creamy products, as they will go into any creases. For your eyeshadow, start with a mid-tone color such as grays or pinks, define the outer lids with a darker shade, and highlight under the brows.

This will ensure the colors blend nicely rather than looking stripy – as Margaret says, “You can do eyeshadow beautifully if you are a little bit subtle. If you try to do streaks and don’t blend well, that’s when you get THAT look.” Ariane Poole’s Crystal Taupe Eyeshine is Margaret’s personal favorite for a subtle shadow.

Best Eyeliner Tips For Makeup For Older Women

When it comes to makeup over 50, it’s time to say goodbye to your heavy black liner. As you get older, your eyeliner can make all the difference to whether your eyes look open and bright, or a little droopier than you’d like!

Great alternatives to black eyeliner are purple or gray liners which not only give a softer effect but also add a little pop of color – this is fantastic if you’re not big on eyeshadow. Ariane demonstrates a quick and easy way to apply eyeliner that you’ll absolutely love.

Ariane recommends avoiding the cat eyes or flick-at-the-end trends as they actually drag your eyes downward – you’ll be shocked when you see her demonstrate this in today’s Sixty and Me video! As Ariane shows, it’s also best to stop your eyeliner just short of the end of your lashes, and if you’ve accidentally gone over the mark, there’s an easy fix for this in the video too!

Have you changed your makeup routine as you’ve aged? What is your favorite eyeliner color for a subtle effect? How do you feel about eyeshadow for makeup over 50? Join us for a chat!

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