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4 Reasons to Ditch Your Car in Your 50s or 60s (Only One is Financial!)

By Sixty and Me June 13, 2020

Do you remember the sense of freedom that you had the first time you got in your own car and turned the keys? The world suddenly became smaller as your mind raced with possibilities for adventure and exploration…

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How to Create and Share Your Lasting Legacy of Love

By Kathleen M. Rehl March 28, 2020

Several years ago, my friend, Arlene, finalized her estate documents. Those important papers included her legal will, revocable trust, living will, and powers of attorney for financial and medical matters…

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding on Elderly Care Options for Your Parents

By Pat McMahon July 12, 2019

If one or both of your parents is getting to the stage where they need elderly care, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all. Perhaps you have noticed they aren’t coping as well as they used to…

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Are You Still Saving in Retirement? The Good Habit that’s Surprisingly Hard to Kick

By Sixty and Me February 23, 2018

For years, we have been hearing about how our generation is not prepared for retirement. In fact, the statistics are kind of scary. Read More

Be Responsible… Then Go Out and Play!

By Mary Lou Harris January 08, 2018

I feel great that I am still learning from friends. A recent talk with one of my more responsible friends could apply to most of us over 60, so please allow me to share our exchange with you. Read More

The Gift Women Really Need

By Marie Burns February 26, 2024

When I shared the first draft of my financial checklist book with a publisher years ago, his reaction surprised me. “This is a ‘honey, I love you’ book!” he said. “I am going to get this book for my wife for Valentine’s Day and tell her that my gift will be…

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7 Considerations When Getting a Divorce Later in Life

By Jennifer Thompson January 06, 2024

Susan and David, in their 60s, had a tumultuous marriage that lasted for 40 years. They faced more than their share of challenges. Building a new business in a new country when they arrived in the US as newlyweds was one of them. While the business…

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Returning to Work After Divorce

By Mary Salisbury November 20, 2023

When divorce occurs, what was enough to retire on, when you both lived in the same house, can become barely enough to live comfortably, or worse. Many of my mediation cases involve a stay-at-home parent, usually moms…

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A Different Approach to Finances After 60: How Best to Leave This World vs What to Get from This World

By Jennifer Thompson July 17, 2023

Five years ago, we had a group of friends, most of whom were high achievers, over for dinner. Amongst our guests was a client, who had returned to Canada after working as a director at a hospice in California. I thought to tie in our dinner discussion…

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Financial Umbilical Cord or Lifeline? 7 Discernment Tips for Assisting Adult Children

By Danielle Howard July 02, 2023

We are a blended family with four children. It was far from easy to deal with financial decisions as they grew up. Now ensconced in their adult lives, it continues to be challenging to discern if, when, and how to financially walk alongside them…

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