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Sharing These 4 Money Mistakes Will Kill My Image as “Super Grandma” (But, I’ll Do it Anyway!)

By Sixty and Me April 05, 2020

Like most children, my grandkids think of me as a superhero. I am a bringer of gifts and laughter. I am their “baba with a backpack” who Skypes them from mountain tops and cruise ships, desert villages and London hotels…

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Welcome to the Twilight Zone, a.k.a., The First Stage of Retirement

By Stan Corey September 06, 2018

Yesterday was my last day of ‘official’ employment! I am now entering the first stage of retirement, or some might say, the “twilight zone.”

I opened up my computer and found that my company email had been blocked, my calendar had changed, and all contacts had been erased. But I also had an outpouring of well-wishes on my Facebook page that was very encouraging. Read More

How to Find Love After 60 – Senior Dating Tips from a Professional Coach

By Sixty and Me June 24, 2018

Relationships can be tough at any age, but finding love when we are mature is a stumbling block for many. Join us in discussion with dating coach Lisa Copeland, who is here to share some valuable tips. Enjoy the show! Read More

Getting a Divorce After 50? Get a Team!

By Sandra Hughes May 27, 2017

Navigating a divorce is stressful and unpredictable. Creating or maintaining healthy habits and taking care of ourselves is vital during this uncertain time. Read More

Medical Tourism: What Seniors Need to Know

By Sixty and Me October 16, 2014

With medical costs on the rise, seniors are looking for alternatives to save money without sacrificing their health. One such option is medical tourism. In this article, we will explore some of the factors to consider when you are deciding whether to travel abroad for a procedure. Of course, everyone’s situation is different, so, you should check with your doctor before making any final decisions. Read More