Each season offers fresh opportunities to begin anew. And because this past year has been incredibly challenging due to the pandemic, many people are welcoming positive change and a better future. What positive shifts are you working on? Can you visualize brighter days? In order to be successful, we must be willing to reach higher than our current circumstances.

During my morning spiritual practice last week, I read two articles from different sources that touched my heart. One was about saying “yes” to new opportunities, and the other emphasized the importance of non-attachment. Each discussion was significant individually, but when paired together, they presented a powerful lesson in living a creative life.

Be Open to New Opportunities, But Don’t Be Attached to the Outcome!

Sometimes when people set personal intentions, they are quick to throw up their hands in despair when the plan doesn’t pan out the way they expected or when the dream seems to be taking too long. Why put a limit on your progress? Once you give yourself permission to let go of the self-imposed constraints you’ve placed on your path, you’ll be greeted with unexpected opportunities.

Be wary of clutching your dream so tightly that your blessing can’t reach you. Resistance impedes circulation. Release your limited expectations and allow your good to flow.

Let’s Explore an Example Together…

Say you want to build meaningful relationships this year and look forward to expanding your network of like-minded friends. You heard about an awesome virtual book club but are not sure that an online connection can offer the kind of experience you’re looking for. Plus, you may not be feeling confident about your technology skills and are reluctant to register.

Well, here’s your opportunity to connect with others. That’s what you want, right? And you love the idea of a great book discussion. The rest doesn’t matter. Stop looking for the same way you used to do things.

Prepare yourself to be open to a new experience. Don’t allow one minor concern to prevent you from fully participating with the group. You can always ask for guidance if you’re not sure how to navigate the online platform.

Inaction Will Cancel the Best Intention!

Once you click the link to join the meeting, you’ll determine that it wasn’t as difficult as you thought. And most importantly, you’ve made instant connections. Look how much you learned about yourself and others in just one meeting! As you turn the page to a new chapter, you’ll discover others are ready to enjoy it with you.

Back to Your Intentions for This Year…

What are you calling in? Is it a more nutritious meal plan? Are you serious about your new fitness schedule? Do you want to dejunktify your home? If you’re opening the door for more community service engagements, clearing your home of clutter would be a great start. Families in need will be grateful for your donations and your generosity.

One of the most important missions in life is to realize your purpose and bring it forth in the world. I believe that’s why we’re here. However, your purpose should be viewed as a living contract – forever expanding and evolving just like you are.

Be open to continually redefining your purpose. We must remain in a constant state of renewal and growth. That’s why it’s imperative to accept opportunities that will nurture our gifts and talents. Saying “yes” to new experiences keeps us young and vibrant.

Look How Far You’ve Come!

Consider this: Whatever expectation you’ve created in your mind regarding your life’s work is naturally narrow in scope. In other words, you’re capable of more than you’re able to recognize through your current lens.

You see, although we live in an abundant universe, we have yet to experience all that life has to offer. Our daily decisions are based on our awareness at that particular time.

As a life explorer, appreciate how far you’ve traveled since you set your intention. You’re not the same person you were yesterday. The knowledge, experience and wisdom you’ve gained over the years have prepared you for greater things.

Begin where you are and move forward. But know that where you are at this moment is not where you have to be tomorrow, if you remain curious and open.

On a Personal Note…

If I had not been willing to step into the unknown and accept a new opportunity, I would not have discovered my mission for the second half of my life. I had to venture outside my comfort zone of teaching in the public school system to using my skill set in a different way that included my passion for wellness.

Opening the door to something fresh and original was intimidating, but I allowed Divine Spirit to lead the way. I’m still inspiring and motivating others, but now my programming is specifically designed to prepare mature and seasoned women to live their best life.

“An acting teacher once told me, ‘Greet everything with yes… Even if you abandon one idea for another one, saying yes allows you to move forward.’” — Elizabeth Stamatina Fey (AKA Tina Fey)

With any venture, give yourself time to appreciate its value. That’s how you grow! Ask yourself what you gained from your involvement. But most importantly, what did you learn about yourself?

Perhaps you will decide not to continue investing your time in a particular activity. And that’s okay, too. It’s all part of the process. Remember: Don’t be attached to an outcome, but be open to the possibility of advancement.

You’ll Never Discover What You’re Made of If You Develop a Closed-Minded Attitude

We must be patient and gentle with ourselves when making conscious, transformational changes. Focus your intention on small, actionable lifestyle shifts. Prepare your plan but be open to a higher plan. Set your heart on welcoming opportunities that will encourage you to explore more of who you were meant to be.

What positive shifts do you plan to make in your life this year? What is your purpose in life? How do you keep refining it? Tell us about a time when you were reluctant to try something new, but once you did, you received more than you expected.

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