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My Very-Much-Needed, Post-Vaccination Makeover

By Rosemary Cass April 29, 2021 Beauty

Good grief! Was that really me in the mirror? A year of pandemic neglect had created an urgent need for a makeover!

Like most of us, I spent a year isolated indoors. At high risk for the coronavirus, I took every precaution, determined to stay alive and enjoy more good years. Over time, I learned to rely on all forms of screens – TV, social media, binging on Netflix, facetiming children and grandchildren, and continuing my meetings and classes on Zoom. Thank God for Zoom!

I am fortunate enough to have a supportive family who did my grocery shopping and errands. Except for occasional drives to save my sanity and drive-up windows at the bank and drug store, I rarely ventured out. I passed on doctor’s appointments unless they were urgent.

The past year I got really comfortable – and I mean, REALLY comfortable! I lived in sweats and pajamas and dressed from the waist up only for my Zoom meetings. I didn’t bother with haircuts – just pulled it back into a ponytail. Why spend the money? Who saw me, anyway? And I never, ever put on makeup. (You’ll be pleased to know, however, that I continued to shower and brush my teeth.)

My budget benefited from not buying any new clothes. I didn’t need them. And I didn’t even put on the ones I had because they didn’t expand with my newly expanding body like the sweats and leggings did.

About that expanding body! Yes, like many, the ice cream and other comfort foods I was indulging in added to the lack of physical activity; played havoc. I have paid a price.

So, where has this brought me? It’s spring, the weather here is beautiful many days, I’m vaccinated and beginning to feel cautiously liberated. The flowers are blooming, and I need to bloom also!

I’ve put together an action plan. I call it “Bloomin’ Rosy” (my name is Rosemary). You might like to try it also. It’s a bit self-indulgent and requires spending some money on yourself, but we’re so worth it!

The 8-Step “Bloomin’ Rosy” Action Plan

#1: Hair Salon

Starting with something like “lose 10 pounds” is self-defeating. So, I started with a haircut. Going to the salon was a bit scary. No seats for waiting, arrive on time, only one patron per operator in the place at a time, everyone masked, temperature taken upon arrival and sanitizer offered for hands, immediately taken to shampoo station.

But after a while I got used to it, and when I left, I felt like a million bucks! Such an improvement! The only place I was going thereafter was to the drugstore, but I looked good and felt good. I like my salt-and-pepper color and have no desire to color my hair as I head to all gray, but I’m considering adding some silver highlights next time, to brighten it up a bit.

#2: Getting Waxed

This is a bit delicate to discuss, but pre-pandemic I made regular visits to the waxing salon to get those nasty chin hairs that seem to appear as we get older removed. During the pandemic, why bother? I tweezed as best I could and who saw the ones I missed behind my mask anyway?

So, #2, a visit to the waxing salon. That one was really scary because you can’t wear a mask when someone is waxing your chin and those little rooms have no windows. But the sign on the door said, “Walk in, dance out,” and that’s exactly what I did! Got the eyebrows done, too.

#3: The Mani-Pedi

How glorious is that? I picked a sunny pink color to go with the season and my mood and they removed all the cuticle, the callouses, and the hangnails that had been neglected, slathered me up with cream and hot towels, and left me with gorgeous hands and feet. Now I was really dancing out the door! Except those darn flip-flops slow me down. But, hey, we can handle this.

#4: A Massage and the Chiropractor

All this dancing out of doors was making me ache, not to mention a year of sitting in a chair in front of screens. The chiropractor said he’s never been busier. Everyone, even kids who were doing virtual classes on their phones sitting in bed, developed back issues.

I needed my facial expression to go with the rosy pink season and my nails. After those sessions, the pained expression was gone.

#5: The Dentist

Normally, I’m scrupulous about dental care, but being maskless in a closed room with a dentist and a hygienist hovering over my face was not something I was willing to do during the height of the pandemic, so dental hygiene was neglected.

Yes, this is a health thing, not usually regarded as a makeover item, but getting your teeth cleaned and maybe whitened, lets your smile match those sunny pink fingers and toes.

#6: The Dermatologist

OK, to be honest, I haven’t done this, but I am seriously considering it and you might want to consider it also. I feel like my face needs a little rejuvenating. Perhaps a dermabrasion. That would really produce some pink!

Or maybe some filler to plump up my marionette lines and remove the downward, sad expression? There’s a certain amount of courage required here, as well as cash, but I’m at least going to make an appointment for a consultation.

#7: And of Course, the Diet

I’m not looking at this as a deprivation diet but rather as a return to healthy eating. I ventured into a super-duper-giant-supermarket and did my own grocery shopping for the first time in a year. I got to browse the produce and select beautiful fresh vegetables and fruit.

I’m cooking simple meals, and weather permitting, enjoying them outside on the patio. I cook what I like, and I’m savoring each bite. And I feel healthier with each one. This, combined with some gardening and walks, will get those extra pounds off in short order in a relaxing and enjoyable way.

#8: Last but Not Least, Clothes and Shoes!

I haven’t bought clothes in over a year. I mean real clothes, not the sweats, leggings and pajamas. I deserve this. Theaters and restaurants are very gradually starting to open up, my friends are beginning to venture out, I’ve made a reservation for a small vacation – yes, a new outfit is in order.

I’m a big fan of Eileen Fisher, love her fabrics and earthy, neutral colors like stone and seaweed and terracotta and casual style. I indulged in two nice mix-and-match outfits that I love, and guess what, I spent some money on me and I deserve it!

I also bought some sandals. Yes, the weather will soon be warm enough to wear them, and I want to show off my sunny pink toes!

Feel free to modify according to your own needs and lifestyle, but I can’t stress enough how good this feels!

What beauty regimens have you neglected during the pandemic that you’d like to get back to you? What would your action plan look like?

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Rosemary Cass, an entrepreneur and former publisher of a magazine for the over-50 population, wants to enrich the lives of older adults by inspiring them to find purpose, learn new things and explore the arts. She blogs to that end at and also, a blog dedicated to grandmothers.

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