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Smiling Is Contagious: Five Reasons to Begin Cultivating and Spreading Your Smile Today!

By T. Kari Mitchell January 24, 2021 Lifestyle

Do you recall the lyrics from Louis Armstrong’s song, “When you’re smilin’ the whole world smiles with you?” What a cheerful reminder of the infectious magic created by one smile. Your smile has amazing power, and I’d like to inspire you to use it every day. But first…

Let’s Examine the Essence of a Smile

What’s behind it and where does it come from? We smile when we’re happy. We smile when we thumb through heartwarming family photos. We smile when we see someone we admire or observe a lively litter of precious puppies. We smile when we hear the voice of a dear friend or tune in to a chorus of cardinals announcing the start of spring.

But do you have to be prompted by beauty in order to be jolly? Must your life always be on the upswing in order to display a sunny appearance? On the contrary – your smile does not need to be controlled by outside influences or circumstances. You have the power to will a smile.

How often do you flash your pearly whites? Would you like to smile more? I believe we can condition ourselves to smile, and based on research, this may be a delightfully wholesome daily practice. Think of 10 adjectives to describe how you feel when you smile. I bet your list is brimming with uplifting words. That’s because smiling feels good!

What do the letters that compose SMILE represent? Let’s explore the potent properties of the acronym.

“S” Reflects Your Soul and Spirit

Smiling is not only great for your overall well-being, it can also enhance your appearance. Not necessarily in the way we view a popular celebrity; instead, it tends to make you attractive on a deeper level. You see, a smile is a conscious decision that extends beyond physical attributes.

A genuine smile speaks softly about your spirit and invites others to experience a brief moment of joy. You can influence the actions of others when you smile. You don’t have control over your height or the shape of your nose, but you have charge over the way you want to be perceived, and that can be revealed in your smile.

“M” Represents Magical Medicine

Smiling is good for the heart and soul! A sincere smile can evoke pleasant feelings. And like laughter, smiling can release endorphins and serotonin, sending a wave of natural, feel-good chemicals throughout your entire body.

Studies show that your happy expression beams brilliant health benefits, such as stress reduction, pain relief, a stronger immune system, and more. Knowing this may motivate you to set an intention to share your smile more.

Further, smiling not only raises your vibration, it also elevates others in ways you may not even realize. If you’re having difficulty getting your smile on, visit those pleasurable places in your memory, and reflect on these blessings during the day.

“I” Expresses the Authentic You

Fill in the blank with one of your endearing qualities: I am ____________. This feature can shine through your smile. No one can replicate your smile. It’s as unique as a fingerprint – your personal expression. And because only you can smile the way you do, put your signature on it.

Do you want to enhance this exceptional characteristic? Then begin personalizing it even more – I’ll talk about this in a minute.

“L” Turns on the Love and Light

Smiling is an act of kindness. Have you noticed that kind people have a pleasant countenance and seem to smile often? If you want to exude more love and compassion, employ your smile to speak volumes for you.

This may require commitment and practice. In other words, begin smiling more. Being generous with your smile will engage others and attract more goodness to your life.

“E” Emphasizes Exercise

Smiling can help to keep you looking your best! Did you know that working the muscles in your face can promote a youthful appearance? But when most people perform an exercise routine, they often neglect the facial muscles.

There are 42 muscles in the face, and smiling provides an opportunity to activate these specialized muscles and keep them toned.

Go ahead – make a crazy, distorted face. That’s sure to engage your facial muscles and stimulate a smile. Also, a more enthusiastic smile awakens the muscles in your neck as well. Wrap a hand around the front of your neck and feel the movement as you work your face.

Let’s Practice Growing Your Smile

Are you willing to play along with me for a few minutes? Okay, let’s have a little fun. Have you ever practiced smiling in the mirror? Grab a hand-held mirror and relax in a comfortable chair. Hold the mirror up to your face.

Now, keep your mouth closed as you use your facial muscles to slightly lift the corners of your mouth. You may feel your cheeks quivering. Hold right there for a few seconds. It may take a while to get those corners curled up. That’s your demure smile.

Now show your teeth. Ahh! This is your bold, dazzling smile! Practice cultivating both and capture the images with a collection of selfies so you’ll see what others see. By now, you’re probably giggling. Me too! A smile bubbling over into laughter is a beautiful thing – unleashing its own refreshing benefits.

You see, laughter is an extension of a smile. And because smiling and laughter often come from the same source, they complement each other. But usually the smile precedes the laugh – it’s sort of like a prelude to a more robust burst of perks.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone released their untapped reserves of smiling energy? Show the world what you know. Cultivate your smile, revel in its benefits, and distribute it to others.

How often do you smile? Would you like to smile more? What kinds of things make you smile? What feelings do you experience when you smile? What makes a smile contagious? Have you noticed personal benefits when you smile?

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