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5 Reasons Why Your Phone Is the Best Choice of Camera for Your Outings and Vacations

By Sue Rudolph November 09, 2023 Lifestyle

Many of us believe that because we’re going on an outing or holiday, we should take a ‘real’ camera. Yet, that’s mostly a pre-smartphone mindset that deserves challenging.

Sure, if you’re an avid photographer with expensive equipment and a range of lenses, this won’t be the case. But most of us take photos to remember our experiences and share them with friends and family.

So here are 5 reasons why your phone might be all you need:

You Always Have It on You

When on vacation, you’re going to use your phone to find your way around, book and store any kind of tickets, check the weather, translate, convert currency, choose the perfect restaurant, and so much more.

Your camera can’t do any of these things, and with space in your luggage always being a premium, it’s hard to justify packing a one-trick-pony camera.

Simple to Use But Gives Quality Results

With no complicated settings, anyone can snap great photos. Check what megapixel camera your phone has. Most phones these days come with razor sharp cameras. Samsung and Apple, for instance, have upped their models to accommodate 200 MP cameras. Compare that to what we had just a few years ago with 12-megapixel cameras, which still delivered good quality high resolution prints.

Makes Sharing Photos Easy

Having your images stored on the same device as your apps makes your life so much easier. You can:

  • seamlessly add photos to your social media accounts, and email or direct message them to friends or family.
  • use one of the countless editing apps to improve the images, add filters, text, and a myriad of other fun stuff.
  • create collages or memory books which are a modern-day version of photo albums.
  • use a postcard app to send personalized postcards to family and friends without the need to find stamps and a post-office. And they will be received before you get home.

Offers Both Storage and Back Up in One Place

No one ever wants to lose either their phone or their camera, but they are replaceable. Your vacation photos are not.

With a little bit of tech savvy (ask your grandkids) you can set your phone up so that your images save automatically to the cloud as well as your phone. Should the worst happen, at least you will be able to retrieve your vacation memories.

You Can Print Photos Taken on Your Phone

Many websites and apps offer you the facility to upload your photos for printing, whether it’s on paper, or mugs, or cushions. You can make calendars, jigsaw puzzles and a surprising array of items that make superb gifts.

Smartphone photo-specific printers are very affordable and have some fun applications. Better still, they’re small enough to take with you, meaning that you can almost turn your phone into an instant camera. (Remember those?)

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you have a smartphone? How often do you use it for photos? What are the best features of your smartphone as a camera device? Do you print vacation photos? Please share your observations with the community!

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Despite reading up online I need help on taking selfies!!!! Every year when three of attend a series of concerts together. We pull out our phones and take turns trying to get a decent selfie. We have yet to find a way to get a decent photo unless we just happen to get lucky on a shot. At least I am not alone on failing miserably! lol

ANY and all advice would be much appreciated!!!

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