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Reliving the Magic of Childhood with the Wisdom of Christopher Robin

By Karen Matthews August 23, 2018 Lifestyle

Do you remember the freedom and joy you felt as a kid? There were no schedules, financial issues or social media to worry about. Your only goal in life was to have fun.

Last week I went to see the movie Christopher Robin – not to take the grandchildren (which I don’t have) but rather just for the fun of it. The movie was a joy to watch and reminded me of those carefree times. It provided me with the perfect escape from adult responsibilities and worries.

When my son was very young, Winnie-the-Pooh was one of our favorite books to read. The innocence of the stories and the charm of Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and the cast of characters were delightful.

The Hundred Acre Woods was a magical place I’d love to visit, minus the heffalumps of course. As my son grew, it was much easier for him to give up Pooh than it was for me. When I heard about the new movie, Christopher Robin, I couldn’t wait to see it.


The Christopher Robin Movie

I’ve always enjoyed movies where animated characters are mixed with live people. Christopher Robin did not disappoint. The computer animation was extremely well done, with the animal characters having a somewhat scruffy look – exactly what you’d expect from well-loved stuffed animals.

The old-fashioned, 30s feel of the movie added to its overall charm and appeal. Eeyore (voice done by Brad Garrett) was one of my favorite characters with his gloom and doom outlook. The movie was a bit predictable and even a tad silly at some points, but overall quite enjoyable with some valuable lessons.

Christopher Robin, who has grown into an adult man, feels the financial burden of supporting a family, along with the responsibility of keeping his coworkers employed.

Earlier in his life, he had enlisted in the army during WWII, and he now lives in London where jobs are scarce and the economic future uncertain.

The stress of his job as an efficiency expert causes him to work long hours and forgo the simple joys of spending time with his family and having fun. His young daughter, Margaret (played by Bronte Carmichael), especially feels the neglect and tries desperately to work hard to please her father.

The Simplicity of Christopher Robin

Some of my favorite Pooh quotes from the movie were: “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something,” and “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.”

Eeyore, who was eternally depressed, had many memorable quotes including this one: “This looks like a disaster. Why wasn’t I invited?”

The movie also stressed the importance of friendship and looking out for each other. Christopher Robin learns from wise Pooh to slow down, enjoy life and live in the moment.

The black and white book pictures (illustrated by E. H. Shepherd) would meld into the scenes, giving the movie a quaint old-fashioned feel.

Christopher Robin takes us on a nostalgic visit back to our childhood where carefree moments were abundant. The film was a fun escape for me, complete with an ice cream sundae afterwards. A perfect date.

The movie also reminded me of the many carefree moments I had spent with my son, playing Pooh sticks on a small stream in our yard. Seeing the movie Christopher Robin may be the perfect antidote for too much adulthood.

Remembering a Simpler Time

Christopher Robin provided me with an opportunity to step back and live in a simpler time for a bit. It got me thinking of other ways that I escape and enjoy carefree moments.

It reminded me of why I love bike riding. I still remember the feel of freedom and joy as my training wheels were first taken off many, many years ago. It’s funny that now I’ve switched to riding a recumbent trike with three wheels, but the feeling is still the same.

I’m lucky enough to ride on many peaceful, tree-lined bicycle paths where I can escape and feel the same type of joy and freedom as I did way back then. I also enjoy occasionally reading children’s books, like the Harry Potter series, just for the fun of it.

Coincidently, because of the movie, my son discovered that his girlfriend was also a big Pooh fan and they plan to see the movie together. That also made me happy.

Some other favorite adult-childhood escapes include visiting Disney World, the first snowfall and of course, watching kid’s movies and eating ice cream sundaes.

What are some of the things that remind you of being a kid again? Do you have a favorite sport or hobby where you spend carefree moments and forget about being an adult for a bit? Do you enjoy escaping by watching children’s movies or reading books? Please share your favorite activities that help you escape adulthood for any amount of time.

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Karen Matthews has been a recreational bike rider for over 30 years and recently switched to a recumbent trike. She shares her biking experiences and fitness tips on her blog, Bat On Wheels

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