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Retirement? Joan Collins, 85, Says, “No Way!”

By Sixty and Me December 13, 2018 News

For most of us, when we reach our mid to late 80’s, we’ve long since retired and, if we’re lucky, are healthy enough to spend our days doing whatever feeds our soul and makes us happy.

Which is exactly what Joan Collins, 85, is doing – it just so happens that what feeds her soul and makes her happy is NOT retiring. According to Collins, continuing to work is just one of the ways that she keeps herself both looking and feeling as youthful and beautiful as ever!

Stunning at Any Age

Collins is, and long has been, arguably one of the most physically stunning women in the entertainment industry – regardless of her age.

And looking at recent photographs of Collins on her Instagram page, it is difficult to deny that at 85 years old, she almost seems to be aging backwards! In each and every photo, Collins looks happier and healthier than ever before!


So, how does she do it?!

Well, according to a recent interview with the UK’s OK! Magazine, Collins describes herself as being “extremely sensible and very disciplined.”

Collins went on to explain her health and beauty routine in a bit more detail, saying, “I don’t stuff myself with food. I only eat half of what’s on my plate and I won’t deprive myself. I’ll drink wine, have dessert, eat toast, and have coffee with sugar. I think I’m just lucky. I also try to get enough sleep and always wear moisturizer, sunscreen, and night cream. I can’t tell you what brand because I don’t get paid for advertising it!”

While it would be nice to know exactly what brand of moisturizer helps to keep the stunning starlet looking so youthful, it’s clear that Collins seemingly ageless appearance has a lot more to do with her overall lifestyle rather than just one moisturizing product.

In addition to lifestyle, it’s safe to say that Collins’ mentality and outlook on life plays a significant role in her ability to look and feel years younger than she is. Collins explained that she rarely thinks of herself as an 85-year old woman and tends to imagine herself as being much younger, closer to how she feels.

And it probably doesn’t hurt that her husband, Percy Gibson, is 32 years her junior, which certainly must help Collins’ maintain her age-positive outlook and disregard the many age-stereotypes that our culture tends to propagate, especially for those in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, Collins won’t “even consider” retirement at this point in her life, saying, “I like what I’m doing, and I want to keep on doing it as long as I can. I have a very good, rich life, and I’m so lucky.” Undoubtedly, staying busy by doing something that she is passionate about (acting and writing) contributes to Collins’ overall youthfulness, both physically and mentally. After all, it’s no secret that finding a purpose in your day to life, no matter what your age, is immensely helpful in staying healthy and happy.

And while us ‘commoners’ (i.e. non-celebrities) may not have the same access to expensive creams or personal trainers as many celebrities like Collins do, we do all have the ability to find our passion, pursue it, and focus more on how we feel rather than the numerical value of our age.

Collins is living proof that each and every one of us can live our best life ever at any age if we keep the right age-positive frame of mind!

Are you a fan of Joan Collins? What helps keep you feeling youthful and fulfilled in life? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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