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The Power of Sacred Symbols in Your Home

By Heidi Smith March 01, 2024 Lifestyle

Years ago, I found a pair of beautiful, hand-carved, wooden angel wings in an antique shop. I bought them as a decorative accessory, but, strangely, could never find the right place for them in my spacious home.

I tried them on several walls in various rooms and placed them on different shelves. They never seemed to fit or have the impact I thought they would have.

It was not until after I was a divorced empty nester and downsized into a small apartment that those angel wings took on their true purpose. They moved beyond a decorative piece to become a symbol of the strength, courage, and protection that I, as a newly single woman in immense transition, needed.

The wings found their premier location over my interior entry door. When I walked out into my seemingly shaky world each day, they were a promise of protection. And each time I returned home, regardless of how challenging the day had been, they reassured me that my future was safe and supported.

What’s Your Sacred Symbol?

Perhaps you have a powerful symbol in your home like my angel wings. Maybe it was originally a religious ornament or an inherited piece of jewelry, a crystal, or something you stumbled across in an antique store; something that grabbed you in the moment.

No matter what it once was, if it touches and transforms you, if it can encourage and strengthen your heart and spirit better than words or reasoning, it has become a sacred symbol.

More Than a Sticky Note

Sacred symbols are far more powerful than a sticky note with a reminder to be happy or not worry. Symbols are wordless yet can express our deepest hope and belief.

They are imbued with the energies and intentions of our desires – and often carry those from generations before us. They open a door into the world of possibilities that we can infuse into our life every day.

I think we can all use a little more strength and courage these days. And sacred symbols can help bring the support we need. Regardless of where we need more courage – in health issues, relationship connections, feelings of scarcity and lack – it’s important to connect with sacred symbols in our home throughout the day to keep our courage level at high tide.

A Yantra for Courage

Along with my angel wings, I have several symbols around my apartment that spark my inner courage. A rose quartz heart sits on my desk, beckoning and strengthening me to walk in greater compassion and unconditional love, even in the midst of a pandemic and social divisiveness.

I also place ancient symbols called yantras in my home to help balance and harmonize my personal environment with nature. Yantras are geometrical, three-dimensional energy designs. I first learned of them when I began the study of Vastu to better understand and incorporate natural environmental and energetic principles into my interior design practice.

Vastu is often called the yoga of design. Like yoga and Vastu, yantras originated from the ancient wisdom and science found in the Indian Vedic texts. Placed strategically in the home, they help neutralize and protect from disturbing, negative energies in the environment and create greater harmony with nature.

A Map to Point the Way

Yantras have been likened to a map that helps you find your way. You do not have to follow any religion to appreciate their benefits. As with all symbols, they are embodied with their own subtle energy, available to all.

I recently designed my own hand-drawn yantra of courage. It’s based on a traditional design but imbued with a desire and intention for self-care and discovery of courage during this time. It was created to share with all who need more courage and is free to download for personal use in your home.

Let Your Intuition Reveal Your Symbols

I sometimes wonder if we choose our symbols or if they choose us. As with my angel wings, you may have something already in your possession that you have not yet recognized or needed…until today. Ask yourself, “What is the greatest need in my life now?” Then tune in to your intuition.

What comes to mind that you already have or need to bring into your home? You will discover what resonates deeply within you and connects to your source of strength and courage.

Keep Your Symbols Central in Your Home

Symbols help us nourish ourselves and keep front and center the possibilities that are ours in this amazing universe. So don’t tuck them away. Place them intentionally throughout your home where you can clearly hear them tell you how strong, beautiful, and courageous you truly are.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What sacred symbols do you have in your own home? What do they mean to you? Why are they important in your life? Have they had a different function before becoming your symbols of courage and growth?

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Viki Venable

I thot I was the only person that strategically places stones etc to reflect and support myself ,I recently got divorced and bought a house in another state and under the doorbell was a butterfly ornament someone placed there…I have enjoyed and collected them for years I knew I made the right choice…love your article

Eileen Johnson

I have candles to bring me light, brightness and glow. The flame just calms and cheers me.

Shelly Little

I love heart shapes and have several in different places in my home. However, I also have several angels that my friends have bought for me because they say I need them because at 63 I have not learned fear and probably won’t even after a bad motorcycle accident. I have a rose quartz stone and a ring that are supposed to promote healing and wellness. I tell people I use my common sense and that keeps me safe, as one of my brothers says I have more common sense than anyone he knows.


I use timeless Christian symbols such as crosses, pictures of Jesus’s sacred heart, Mother Mary, and Christian art around my home to keep me grounded as well as strong during suffering. Your use of angel wings speaks to me of Christianity’s long held belief in and dependence upon personal guardian angels, assigned to each of us by God. Yantras appear to hold great importance in HinduismJainism, and Buddhism.

Last edited 3 months ago by Christine
Lorelei Lockey

Last weekend while out shopping for home decor for a spare room I was redecorating, I stumbled upon a shadow box containing a large butterfly made of amethyst crystals. Amethyst is my birthstone and also very powerful. And the butterfly is my symbol of transformation, so together a very significant ‘find’. However I’ve yet to find a permanent home for this 18×18 piece that I know I want close by for its energy.
Interesting article that made me think more about such symbols. Thank you.

The Author

Heidi L. Smith is a professional interior designer who integrates the energetic wisdom and power of Vastu, or Yoga for the Home, into all her design work. Her passion is to create beautiful, nurturing Vastu personal spaces that support greater peace, balance, and well-being.

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