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How to Align Your Home with Your Heart

By Heidi Smith September 11, 2022 Lifestyle

Your home is intended to be your friend and safe place – comfortable and easy to be around, as well as a support to face the stress and tension beyond the front door. It is meant to be a personal, nourishing space where you can hear your inner voice; one that will inspire and cradle your heart’s hopes and dreams.

I often say your home is your soft place to land and strong place to launch. If it doesn’t feel like that, then it’s time to make a few changes.

Partner with the Natural World

Vastu, also known as yoga for the home, can help you align your home with your heart. Thousands of years ago, this ancient science and wisdom was teaching what quantum physics has now proven in our more recent generations – that all matter is living and energetic.

Vastu teaches us how to partner with the natural world to bring order and harmony into our human built spaces. This balance allows positive energy to move freely and abundantly throughout our pulsing homes to create a nurturing environment for our optimal wellbeing.

Is Your Home in Energetic Shambles?

It pains me to see a home in energetic shambles, especially when it is so easy to correct with Vastu. As an interior designer, I love playing with all the visual design elements we typically associate with a beautiful and “Oh, this is so me!” home.

But Vastu has taught me that the total beauty and impact of a home goes well beyond the visual, that it is also dependent on what is happening and felt energetically.

Here are three Vastu inspired steps that will help open the flow of positive energy so that your heart and home are in alignment to support the full life you desire and deserve.

Go Through Your Home with a Fresh Attentiveness

Anything that we love and desire requires our attention. Sometimes we no longer notice the true state of our home and where it needs attention because we are smack in the middle of it all the time. It becomes a blurred backdrop to our day-to-day life.

To discover if your personal space needs a tune-up, do a walk through with a fresh and critical eye. Begin at your front door and view it as a first-time visitor might. Capture the details; notice the colors, the contents and arrangement of furniture and accessories.

What rooms make you happy? Where do you want to linger? Where do you sense positive or negative energy? Does your home feel open, light and inviting or heavy, cluttered, and chaotic?

After you take this energetic inventory, you will have a better idea of where your trouble spots are.

Open Up Your Home’s Energetic Pathways

Most of us know how difficult it is to breathe when there are obstructions in our body’s airway or congestion in the lungs. If your home’s energy ways are blocked or congested with, say, clutter or overflowing furniture and accessories, you will likewise restrict your home’s energetic pathways.

Clutter will only bring chaos and distractions to all areas of your life. So clear out what you no longer want or need to make room for all that you do want in your life today and in the future. (That includes the stuff you can’t see that is tucked away and hidden. You may not see it, but you will still feel its negative energetic effects.)

Every day brings a fresh start with new hope, so don’t hang on to furniture and accessories that are attached to bad memories or that you simply don’t like. There are no awards given for keeping stuff you hate.

Also, consider implementing these Vastu-inspired principles:

  • Allow a clear, straight path, “a spine of light,” to flow from the front door through your home as far as possible. This will keep your home from feeling closed in and move life-giving energy through your space.
  • Leave the centermost part of each room open, or at least free from heavy furniture. This is visually pleasing, energetically freeing, and allows you to easily move through your space.

Re-Vision Your Rooms with a Deeper Purpose

Some spaces can feel shallow, useless, or lifeless because they no longer reflect you or your needs. Every room in your home should be in sync with a purpose or desire in your life. Let every space touch you in some deep way that connects with your heart, your mind, or soul.

It had been important for one of my clients to have a dedicated guest bedroom in her small home. One day she realized that this room was only used once or twice a year. It was a waste of the precious space in her home.

Plus, what my client really wanted at this stage in her life was a meditation room. Within a few days she gave away the queen bed and began transforming the guest room into her special meditation place. The love, thought, and repurposing of the room is reflected in the amazing energy that now flows through it and the joy it brings her.

Think Outside the Design Box

Have you thought of re-visioning a seldom-used formal dining room into your office? Or turning the empty-nest bedroom into your full-fledged craft room or yoga studio?

Let what’s in your heart determine the function of your rooms. Remember, your home is first and foremost your friend and your sanctuary. When you align your rooms with your heart, you will begin to think outside the box and create a space that supports you more than ever before.

Trust Your Intuition

Most homes will never be 100% Vastu compliant, or even 50% compliant. Don’t worry. It’s a process. Work as your intuition guides you, and do what is possible and brings you life.

But do notice what changes occur as you begin to shift and align your home with your heart. Every little tweak will bring you greater support for the life you desire. If you nourish your home, it will nourish you.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Does your home feel like it’s in energetic shambles? Do you feel positive energy flowing throughout the rooms in your home or does it feel like they’re gasping for breath? Do things feel stuck or life-sucking? Do you feel overwhelmed with clutter? How do you think you can align your home to your heart? Please share your thoughts and observations with our community.

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Julie Hocking

Hi there,
Loved your article. It does ring very true.
I have always loved design and decorating and every year I go through and donate any items I haven’t used/worn/ wanted and do a little switcheroo of my furniture and’s very cathartic and refreshing and gives me joy.
Have a lovely day.. jules from Oz. 🦋


Thank you Heidi, I found the article uplifting. When I moved, solo, into my home last year, I decided to do a walk of appreciation through each room every morning to give gratitude to each space. This works well for me. I have a well-being room for yoga, meditation and crystal work and a sewfice (sewing, craft and office). I have been stuck on the purpose of the 4th ‘bedroom’ – this article has revived my visioning juices.

The Author

Heidi L. Smith is a professional interior designer who integrates the energetic wisdom and power of Vastu, or Yoga for the Home, into all her design work. Her passion is to create beautiful, nurturing Vastu personal spaces that support greater peace, balance, and well-being.

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