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2 Quick and Easy Solutions for Sparse Brows and Thinning Hair

By Elise Marquam-Jahns November 10, 2022 Beauty

Have you ever pulled the hair back that’s around your temple and been a little startled by how sparse the hair looks in that area? I know I definitely have! And most of us have also experienced the look of sparse brow hair as well.

Since so many of us deal with thinning hair and eyebrow issues, I wanted to share with you today two products I’m very impressed with that are quick and easy fixes for these hair and eyebrow issues. One product is specifically for brows and the other is for hair although some people use it for both hair and brows.

A Helpful Product for Sparse Brows

Let’s first focus on eyebrows. In the video below I demonstrate a product from a company called iMethod, which I found on Amazon. It’s an eyebrow kit that contains two sets of five different eyebrow stencils, an eyebrow pomade, a sponge applicator for stamping on the eyebrow color, a dual-ended eyebrow brush, a set of complete directions as well as a handy zippered pouch so all these items can be kept neatly and securely in one place.

There are eight different eyebrow pomade colors from which to choose, so it’s very likely that you’ll find a color that’s the perfect match for your eyebrows. This product is also waterproof and long-lasting.

The Brow Filling Step-By-Step Process

In the video I use shade number 9 which is an ash brown. The promise from the iMethod brand is that we can get flawless symmetrical brows in a minute. The first step is to select the stencil that best fits the shape of your eyebrows.

Then take the sponge applicator, dip it into the pomade and then tap the sponge into the cap of the pomade jar to remove any excess product. A little of this product goes a long way, so it’s always best to apply a small amount first and then reapply if necessary.

Next, hold the stencil in place with one hand while you stamp the product onto the brow. Then, if you need to, you can add a little more of the pomade product using the dual ended brush. But be sure to just pick up a very small amount of the pomade on the brush.

The brush can be used in several different ways: to fill in the brows even more completely and/or to create a little more definition along the edge of the brow. I need to create a little more definition along the top of my brow since I have a scar and have to apply product more deliberately in that area. Then just use the spoolie on the other end of the brush to blend it all in.

Make sure to wipe off the stencils after using them so the product doesn’t build up on them. Also, wash the brush for the same reason. Detailed directions for washing the small sponge applicator are included in the kit.

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A Great Product for Thinning Hair

To fill in color on my scalp where I have thinning hair near the temples – and to fill in along the part where grey hair always seems to show first – I tried a product called Truhair Waterproof Color and Conceal.

This is a waterproof cream-to-powder concealer which comes in 10 shades. It’s for temporarily touching up root grow-out, contouring the hairline or filling in thin spots. Some people also use it on their eyebrows! I haven’t tried that yet, but I certainly will give that a try using one of the stencils from the iMethod Kit.

The sponge tip applicator on the Truhair product holds the formula for a mess-free targeted application. And the cream formula is designed to make it easy to blend into the hair. This product does not feel wet, sticky or the least bit uncomfortable, and it’s meant to stay in our hair until we shampoo it out.

It also won’t stain pillowcases. In the video I use the color Dark Brown, applying it in my part line and along my temple area where my scalp is becoming more and more visible.

I hope you found today’s product tips helpful.

If you’d like to learn more makeup tips, techniques and product information, please drop me a line at and let me know you’d like to be on my mailing list.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What products have you discovered that help with thinning hair and brows? Are they effective? Have you experienced any problems with application or learned new techniques?

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So your eyebrows are lovely, in my opinion, before you enhance them. My situation is I have very little eyebrow hair (and it’s blonde) and the pomade or whatever it’s called would be going on primarily bare skin…I’m afraid to even try it lest I look like a goon – since I’ve never had noticeable eyebrows! Plus I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup…at 67 YOA, I don’t want to spend a lot of time applying all that makeup you wear! What about a class that emphasizes our natural beauty without all the artificial makeup? Most women by the time they leave their homes to go to work in the morning have slathered onto their faces and bodies over 800 toxic chemicals! What about a class on clean, OG cosmetics?


Wear as much or as little makeup that makes you feel and look amazing. I don’t follow trends.


Thanks Elise for the tip on a thinning hairline! I always notice white haired senior’s with visible scalp, so am very self-conscious with my own!


I think the Truhair product looks fantastic but it’s not available in UK and the US want a lot to ship it to U.K. can you help please?

The Author

Elise Marquam-Jahns is a professional makeup artist who is passionate about helping women 50+ get their glow back. She is the founder of Boomer and Beyond Beauty and runs the “Boomer and Beyond Beauty with Elise” YouTube channel. Elise has authored the free guide The Top Four Research-Proven Makeup Techniques That Help Us Look Our Best Now.

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