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Swap New Year Resolutions for Sustainable Lifestyle Changes That Focus on Spiritual Principles

By T. Kari Mitchell January 17, 2022 Lifestyle

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

  • Today, I’m going to focus on shedding those last stubborn 10 pounds.
  • This year, I promise to exercise for 30 minutes every day.
  • Starting tomorrow, I’m going to stock up on nutritious foods and begin eating right.

At the beginning of each year, many people make lofty health and wellness goals and are disappointed when they have trouble keeping their promises. It can be super frustrating to have high expectations about achieving lifestyle goals only to see them weaken and collapse after a few weeks.

Why Is It So Hard to Maintain Our Wellness Objectives?

I’ve interviewed many women over the years, and the answer seems to lie in their intention. I believe when people establish goals to improve certain aspects of their lives, they often approach the goal in isolation. Many are looking for immediate results without a conscientious plan.

For example, let’s say, because you’re envious of your friend’s toned arms, you decide to start pumping iron at the gym. Or perhaps you want to lose weight so you can fit into that sleek evening gown you just bought to impress your classmates at your 50th high school reunion.

Why is it that before the first month is over, many people find themselves making excuses about honoring their commitment or resorting to self-sabotaging behavior? Why don’t their efforts have long-term effects?

Perhaps it’s because there’s no conscientious spiritual foundation to support their growth. Our physical world reflects our consciousness. You have to change your inner programming in order to experience the results you want. More about this in just a bit.

What Do Our Intentions Really Say?

First, let’s explore those sample intentions a little further. Why build muscle mass? So you will have the strength to live your life on purpose. And why do you want to lose weight? Fitting into that sexy dress is exciting in the short term, but it may not sustain your weight-loss goals.

You see, it’s not just about losing the pandemic pounds – it’s about looking your best and feeling your best, so you can flourish in your golden years.

How Do You Change Your Inner Programming?

First by being kind to yourself and loving yourself unconditionally! Express compassion for where you are on your health journey and know that you can make change happen – and that it can take time.

Also, shift your inner programming through your thoughts and words. Say this aloud: “I am beautiful, healthy, fit and free, and I am on the right path to realizing my wellness goals!” You must accept responsibility and honor your commitment to the choices you make in life.

Trust and believe. Have courage and passion. Get excited about preparing yourself for magnificence. It’s about expectations and planning and being open to becoming vibrant during this stage of your life.

Accessing your internal support system supports the body-mind-spirit connection and sets you up for a more satisfying experience. You must be consciously aware of your why. You need a reason that inspires you and sustains you! This is the perfect time to make adjustments in your lifestyle, in order to be ready for those amazing opportunities coming your way.

You now need something tangible to support your new habits and that will complement your new mindset. Rather than adhering to a crash diet or a grueling exercise routine, allow your why, purpose, passions, and interests to propel you forward and support your intentions.

The following simple lifestyle practices may help jumpstart your wellness objectives.

What’s on Your Plate?

Lifestyle commitments require you to limit your intake of processed foods that are high in fats, salt and sugar, and select wholesome fare. Have you ever wondered why some packaged foods have a long shelf life? Preservatives!

Your body doesn’t need those types of preservatives. Preserve and promote a youthful appearance with fresh fruits and vegetables; lean protein; nuts, seeds and legumes; whole grains; and healthy fats.

Go Healthy

Don’t give up – reach up! In other words, savor healthier versions of the foods you like. Opt for fresh-cut chicken tenders and bake them at home, rather than grabbing deep-fried nuggets from fast-food chains.

Water Intake

And drink up! Our bodies consist of 60-70% water, and many of us don’t get enough of this vital fluid. Make sure you do!

Portion Control

Are you going to eat ALL that? Portion control is the key to weight management. Eat less to be your best. Train your palate to enjoy healthy selections in small portions.

What do you do when you get hungry between meals? Balanced snacks are the secret to satiety. To help curb hunger, your snack should be a satisfying balance of healthy complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein.

Love yourself enough to start with simple and manageable solutions rather than crazy fad diets that deprive you of everything you relish.

Plan Your Day with Play

We all know that committing to a daily exercise routine is essential to wellness. But it’s important to choose fitness activities that are enjoyable, motivating and easy to maintain.

Battle ropes, barbells and HIIT routines are not for everyone. Pick a combination of move-more fitness choices that will make you smile while promoting the strength and agility required for those key personal pivots this year. Dancing. Walking in nature. Yoga. Sports. You’ll be getting a great workout, but it won’t seem like work because you’ll be having so much fun.

Design a realistic schedule that works for you. Can you get excited about honoring the fitness choices that support your individual needs and lifestyle?

Be Passionate About Life’s Purpose

You’re not thinking about that hot fudge sundae when you’re sculpting the figure of your favorite shero or learning to play the harp.

Your purpose in life is the critical why of your wellness plan. Think of it as the fuel in your tank – the motivation to get up and go. Believe in yourself!Spiritual principles like love, integrity, faith and enthusiasm are the secret sauce to any wellness protocol. And when you know why you’re here, you will want to create standards to help yourself be successful.

It takes time to develop new habits. So relax, start small and savor your journey to better health. Love yourself, reframe your thoughts and words in the affirmative, honor your commitment to the lifestyle choices that are important to you, and feel confident that you will realize your goals.

Get pumped about the new you! Celebrate your progress often and visualize how you will look and feel the next time New Year’s comes around.

What success have you experienced with making New Year resolutions? What positive lifestyle changes will make a difference in your life?

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