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Spring Greens Can Give Your Aging Body a Boost: Learn How with These Tips!

By Peg Doyle April 24, 2020 Health and Fitness

Do you ever stroll through a garden or a forest in springtime, with the sun shining down upon you, and you almost “see” the greens spring up before your eyes?

These beautiful greens have been in a dormant phase for several months, just waiting for the soil to warm up so new growth can burst forth. Watching them sprout can be inspirational to those of us who are not great fans of the cold dark months of winter.

Change of Seasons – Change of Menu

I do not, as a rule, eat raw salads in the winter. Salads are cold foods, and most of the ingredients are not local to where I live, so I switch from salads to cooked or roasted vegetables during the cold season. That makes the arrival of spring even more glorious.

Just as I’m getting tired of cooked vegetables, the wondrous spring salad makes its grand appearance. They might be a mix of raw spinach, early lettuce, scallions, finely chopped kale, avocado, and a burst of chopped pear or apple if tomatoes aren’t looking great yet.

So Many Choices

What’s really fascinating about greens is they are the perfect antidote to those extra pounds you may have gained over the winter. They are high nutrient/low-calorie foods.

Spring greens – spinach, spring peas, green beans, asparagus, kale, collard greens, bok choy, and chard, to name a few – are hydrating and support the liver and gall bladder.

They are quite effective in flushing out the sludge of heavier foods you might have eaten to keep you warm in winter. What’s more, green vegetables are treasure troves of vitamins and minerals you need every day to give your body energy and protection from disease.

If you’re wondering which foods are especially appropriate for the spring season, I have a shopping guide to help you out.

Take Care of Yourself and Feel the Difference

In addition to eating copious amounts of green vegetables in spring, here are 4 tips to help your body and your mind feel younger than you have in years. Remember, it’s not the number, it’s how we live, mind and body, that tells the real story of who we are.

  • Stretch! Before and after any activity, give your body a good stretch.
  • Get moving! Moving is essential for staying young. Your joints need movement to support a healthy metabolism or energy burn.
  • Get outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine are good medicine for mind and body.
  • Plant something and care for it as it grows. This will expand your connection with the world. It’s also therapeutic!

As you get more active you will notice how incorporating lots of greens into your spring diet will support the things you want to do. They will enable your muscles to be more flexible while reducing the incidence of leg cramps (ooh, those hurt). As an added bonus, greens will nourish your skin.

Cleansing is a common practice for clearing out the winter sludge, and I can help you out with a simple 5-day online cleanse that will restore your energy and vigor.

What are some of your favorite spring green dishes? What salads do you enjoy in this season? Where do you shop for your spring greens? Please join the conversation.

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