Family and relationships among family members can be tricky, but at the end of the day, the bond that holds families together is often stronger than any other bond that exists.

And, after photos of Michael Douglas proudly showing off his new baby granddaughter were recently shared on social media, it’s clear that the bonds between the multi-generational Douglas family are stronger than ever.

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#Lua Loves her #Buba ?

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Douglas’s son, Cameron, recently posted an image of Douglas, 73, lovingly doting on his baby granddaughter, Lua, with the caption, “Lua loves her Buba”.

The photo was so powerful in expressing the love between Douglas and his granddaughter that Douglas’s wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, shared her own version of the image, transforming it to include animated hearts trickling over the heartwarming photo.

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True love?Baby Lua with her doting Buba?

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A Close-Knit Crew

Social media images similar to the one shared by Cameron and Catherine Zeta-Jones are not uncommon for the Douglas family, as they regularly and openly express the strong love that is shared between their family members.

Fans of the Douglas family especially love seeing photos highlighting the adorable connection that exists between Kirk Cameron, 101, and his great-granddaughter, Lua, whose middle name, Izzy, was a tribute to Kirk’s birth name, Issur Danieltovitch.

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While capturing and sharing precious family moments like these is special for all members of the Douglas family, they likely hold a very significant meaning for Cameron due to the fact that, for many years, spending time with his family was difficult.

In 2010, Cameron was convicted for possession of heroin and selling methamphetamines, landing him behind bars for 7 years.

And while something as serious and life-changing as someone spending 7 years behind bars may have destroyed some families, the Douglas family remained strong and stood by Cameron’s side.

“When that cell door slammed shut on the first night of my incarceration, I felt like I was in a bad dream, that I would wake up. But the dream carried on and got worse. I lived a nightmare for seven years but the love of my family never wavered,” said Cameron about the difficult time in his life.

While everyone in the Douglas family showed their support in different ways, Kirk Douglas, Cameron’s grandfather, frequently visited him in jail and began sending numerous letters each month when he was too weak to travel.

The strength and love that Cameron’s family maintained and expressed to him throughout his time in jail likely gave him the motivation to not only survive such a difficult time, but to come out of it for the better.

After his release in 2016, Cameron had overcome his drug problems and soon after met his girlfriend and future mother of his child, Viviane Thibes. The couple was pregnant with baby Lua shortly after.

While Cameron’s troubles with drugs was undoubtedly difficult for the entire Douglas family, the incredible and beautiful way that he turned his life around speaks to just how transformative the love and support from a close-knit family can be.

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