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The Art of Subtle Makeup for Older Women – You Are Already Beautiful! (Plus My Favorite Products!)

By Sixty and Me October 14, 2018 Makeup and Fashion

You don’t have to apply lots of makeup to ensure you look good. Releasing your inner beauty is about applying the right touches to enhance your natural glow, as Margaret Manning shows us in her latest YouTube video, with the help of some new makeup for older women from Ariane Poole.

We hope you enjoy the video!

Looking Your Glowing Self After 60

As Margaret says, applying makeup isn’t about looking younger or trying to hide your age. It’s about the fun you can have while at the same time highlighting your natural beauty. The techniques and products she uses enhance her presence, wisdom and self-confidence.

In other words, there is nothing contradictory or wrong about wanting to look your best. In fact, as women, we have the right to want to be desired by others. It’s just that, as we get a little older, we are best served by enhancing our aging skin rather than hiding it.

What Should Makeup For Older Women Match?

You might be wondering if your makeup choices should match any aspect of yourself, such as your clothes, skin tone or eye color.

Well, according to Margaret, it’s up to you. Whatever you feel comfortable with will be great.

makeup for older women

Foundation Makeup for Older Women

One of the challenges that all older women face is finding makeup that works perfectly on their skin. This is especially true since most products are formulated with people in their 40s and younger in mind.

So, to help us out, Margaret and offered a few of her own suggestions. All of the following products look and feel great on mature skin and can help you to get the look you want.

Margaret uses Growing Younger Gracefully, a facial oil and primer, before applying foundation. This lovely, refreshing product can also be used as a body oil.

The foundation from Ariane is super light, easy to apply and it blends easily with your natural skin tone. To add the finishing touches to your skin, you can use a concealer pallet to cover-up any blemishes.

A mineral illuminating pen can cleverly conceal any dark shadows under your eyes. In the video, Margaret demonstrates how concealer applied below the eye can reflect upwards and lighten the skin above.

Give Your Eyes a Make-Over

If you ask most women (of any age!) what feature of their face they love the most, they will tell you that they love their eyes. After all, our eyes capture the wisdom that we have gained over many decades. Every look is a story waiting to be told. And, as we all know, every powerful book deserves a fabulous cover!

So, here are a few suggestions from Margaret for getting the most from your eye makeup.

Ariane’s eye shadow comes in a range of beautiful metallic colors, which are applied as a liquid but dry matte. This just demonstrates how your age no longer limits the products you can use.

The brow mascara that Margaret applies does have a smaller brush than other brands but it’s cleverly designed to produce lush, voluminous lashes and with several applications can really highlight the windows to your soul!

Eyebrows can be really troublesome as you get older, yet Ariane’s Eyebrow Makeup can really help define and tidy-up sparse, gray or unruly eyebrows. This really is a fantastic product.

Lipstick and Liner for Older Women

For the final touch, Margaret chooses a pretty peach lipstick, having already applied lip liner which helps define the lipstick and add definition.

Are there any particular makeup or skincare products that you feel help to bring out your inner beauty? Have you used Ariane Poole’s products yourself? What makeup tips for mature women would you like to offer to the other women in our community? Let’s have a chat!

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