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The Benefits of Practicing Mudra Hand Gestures in Your 60s

By Sixty and Me June 06, 2019 Health and Fitness

For thousands of years, people have been using mudra or hand gestures to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Anyone can benefit from practicing mudra, even women who are 60 years old and over.

There are around 100 known mudra hand gestures, each of which revitalizes different areas of the body. It’s never too late to start practicing mudras. As a matter of fact, women in their 60s should meditate with mudras often to beat the pains of aging.

In an interview with Margaret Manning, Sheena Nancy Sarles, holistic life coach and founder of Growing Younger Gracefully, shares how women in their 60s can benefit from practicing mudras.

Calms Your Anxious Mind

Anyone living in a congested city has to deal with exhausting daily commutes. Instead of feeling stress, anger, or anxiety in a traffic jam, you can keep yourself calm by touching each fingertip with your thumb. The best thing about this simple hand seal is that you can do it anytime.

Whether you’re stuck at the grocery or trapped in an awkward conversation, this mudra can calm your nerves. Whenever you’re in a stressful situation, all you have to do is put your hands in your pocket and touch each fingertip with your thumb.

Lifts Your Spirits

Named after a Hindu deity who conquers all obstacles, the Ganesha mudra opens your heart chakra. Performing this hand seal gives you a boost of confidence and courage to take on whatever obstacle is in your way.

To perform the Ganesha mudra, you must place both of your hands in front of your heart. Turn your left palm away from you, then hook the fingers of your right hand with the fingers on your left. Make sure your left palm is facing your chest.

Inspires Perseverance

Another hand seal that activates the heart chakra is the Lotus mudra. Much like the roots of a lotus that’s deeply embedded into the mud, this mudra makes us feel strong and grounded. It also opens our heart to love and kindness.

The lotus mudra has a calming effect. Practicing it should release tension. To perform this hand seal, bring the base of both of your palms close to your heart. Then, let your thumbs and pinky fingers touch.

Brings Balance to Your Life

One hand seal you definitely know is the Anjali mudra. To do this posture, you have to put your hands together much like you’re in prayer. This gesture is used in so many different cultures, but it’s mostly performed as a sign of respect.

Bringing the palms together connects both hemispheres of your brain. The Anjali mudra restores balance into your life. Also, it’s a natural remedy for stress and anxiety.

Do you also use mudra hand gestures? If so, what do you use them for? If not, are you willing to give them a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! Share this article with friends who might need it as well.

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