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The Importance of Color, Texture and Shine for Fashion After 60

By Doreen Dove March 06, 2024 Beauty

I first became familiar with the phrase “color, texture and shine” a few years back while working with Stacy London, whose hit show “What Not To Wear” became the epitome of the before and after makeovers.

Stacy London

As she shared her fashion expertise with us, she always spoke in terms of color, texture and shine, almost insisting that a woman had to have the daily requirement of those three components before she walked out the door.

She encouraged us to use this rule, teach this rule and live personally by this rule. Even now, I always make sure that I have ticked all three of these boxes before leaving the house.

Let’s take a look at each of these three elements of fashion for women over 60.

Color – Improve Your Mood and Make a Great First Impression

The use of color in your daily garb not only flatters your overall appearance, but it can influence your mood as well as the mood of others around you. The first thing that people notice about you is the color you are wearing!

As all of us “black” lovers know, the power of that color can instantly erase 10 pounds! The power of a “real” color can erase about 10 years from your look by complementing your hair and skin tone.

Pick up a color wheel at any art supply or craft store as it can help you figure out which colors in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched.

Color Wheel

First, simply look at colors that are opposite on the color wheel, for example, purple and yellow or blue and orange. These opposite colors work very well together because they contrast.

Secondly, notice how red and purple, situated next to each other on the color wheel, look great together because they complement each other. Use the two “C” words, contrast and complement, to your advantage.

The third way to use the color wheel is to dress in one color, but in different hues. Using several shades of the same color, from light to dark will give you a polished look.

Color is the most important component of your look and it’s the easiest way to freshen your wardrobe and reflect your own personal style.

Remember that color can be pulled into your look with fabrics, accessories, shoes, and even your lipstick or nail polish.

Texture – Give Your Outfit Depth and Interest

The texture could be the weave of the fabric, the density of the cloth, the “skin” of the belt or even the composition of the necklace.

When working with clients, I often use texture to either accentuate the assets or disguise the liabilities. Here’s one example for both categories.

Let’s say your body proportion is bigger on the bottom and we need to balance out your silhouette by adding a bit of volume to the top of your frame. The best way to do this is by using a textured jacket or a blouse, something tweedy, nubby and perhaps colorful.

Or, we would add color or shine with the accessories (scarves, necklaces) to bring the eye away from the (bigger on the bottom liability) up to your beautiful face and neckline (accentuating the assets).

Shine – Learn to Love Your Accessories

Shine could be your glossy lipstick, your patent leather shoe, your silky shimmery blouse and, of course, your bling! Let’s talk about bling specifically. After all, most women love their jewels!

I personally do not leave the house without my 4-point jewelry checklist – earrings, watch, multiple bracelets and a necklace.

I wish I could say that I vary my earrings, but I am lazy and love my diamonds. My watches are a choice of two, one dressy and one a bit sportier with a leather band. My necklaces and bracelets are where I really express myself.

I have been a bit of a collector, over time, and have made sure that I have the demure and chunky gold, as well as the demure and chunky silver.

I have pearls but I never wear them. Somehow, I wore them more in my 20s, when we were wearing those obligatory menswear suits and floppy bow ties. Oh my! How far we have come! Perhaps my decision to pack the pearls away was a bit more ceremonial than I realized!

These days, I opt for statement pieces. I can’t think of a better way to change up an outfit than with your necklace – there it is, front and center, begging for attention!

It’s not rocket science ladies. It’s just a creative process. Build your wardrobe and build your outfit before you walk out the door! Remember – fashion is supposed to be FUN!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

How would you describe your personal style? Which of the guidelines mentioned in this article do you already follow? Are there any that you disagree with? Please join the conversation.

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Judith Louise

In my book The Colour Of Life published in 1996 I outlined the how the colour of clothing, rooms, food and music can life our spirit, heal our woes, stimulate creativity and provide us with deep rest at slumber time. A secondhand copy of the book can be found on Amazon.


Seems like good advice. I know I will struggle with finding the items with the recommended components. Over the last year I lost about 30 pounds. I have to rebuild a basic wardrobe, so while it won’t happen in one shopping trip I am glad to have the advice for the rebuild.


What was the situation in which you were working with her, and she was so vehement about these 3 elements? Love Stacey and can’t get enough, so if she’s offering workshops, I wanna know!


I used to look pretty good but lately I have been gaining weight and have been to several doctors to see why and I have gotten no answers. I eat extremely healthy and exercise regularly. Very discouraging. No matter what I wear, I do not look good due to my stomach and my fat butt.

Joyce Ramsay

Mica, I know what you mean. It is very discouraging to take our problems to doctors who have no answers, and worse still, no interest in anything but prescriptions. A lot of what I am reading encourages up older ladies to embrace our new shapes. What is the cause though – is it hormonal, is it time to halve what we eat and double what we do? My mother is 100 and in good health, so even though she carries a few more kilos than even 10 years ago, I will be happy to live that long and still enjoy life.

The Author

Doreen Dove is an award-winning expert in the field of Image Consulting who coaches women to use style as a tool to take strategic control of their image and fully engage in the possibilities of their future. In addition to her one-on-one work with individual clients, Doreen conducts workshops and seminars for corporate groups and speaks at conferences across the country. Visit Doreen at Her book, "Confidence is Always in Style", provides in depth expertise to help women identify and express their most authentic image with humor and clever insight. Get the book here:

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